Lysander has over 20 years’ experience working in partnership with organisations to undertake leadership development and cultural transformation with Global 500 companies, banks and telecommunications, large construction companies to public, not-for-profit and government-funded sectors.


At Lysander, we transform leaders to build a better workplace culture. Our approach sees us partner with clients, working closely to understand the challenges they face, then implement bespoke learning and development solutions to help transform their organisations.

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Leadership Development
Our solutions run on average between 6–12 months and have been industry-recognised by the Australian Institute of Training and Development. We have a range of tiered plans that can suit all levels, from new and upcoming leaders to those who lead senior leadership teams themselves.

Our fully-blended (face-to-face and online) approach to learning has quickly demonstrated positive change such as reduced absenteeism, increased leadership aptitude, engagement and an overall impact on business efficiency.

Organisational Culture Transformation
Our approach to Organisational Culture Transformation is customised to suit each organisation. Solutions are delivered across twelve or more months and work to build team cohesion, set and reinforce clarity across all levels of the organisation, create unity around common goals, and drive a culture where everybody’s voice matters.

We achieve our results by creating an environment that allow real issues to surface. A safe space where everybody can perform their best, and where your people can have the conversations that matter.

Executive coaching is our professional advancement service tailored to assist you in achieving your goals and development needs. You’ll work one-on-one with Australia’s most respected coaches to bring out the best in you. When this executive coaching is blended with our leadership development solution, it supercharges the leader's mindset and behavioural change. Designed for all levels of leaders.

Wellness/Mental Health
Depending on your needs, our solutions tend to run for 12 – 18 months. Our approach to workplace mental health is designed to build an environment where people flourish and work efficiencies improve.

The Integrated Approach to Wellness is one such framework we have built from the ground up to provide the construction industry and others with a standardised approach for building a culture of positive mental health and wellbeing.

Customer Service
We have worked extensively helping organisations to become customer-centric since the inception of our business, almost 20 years ago.

Our fully blended solutions provide microlearning so front-line staff can absorb important information and build an understanding of core models in the short period they have available.

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