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Together we will do something amazing: each and every member of the pollenation will be unique. Our journeys may start together, our vision is to see you succeed, wherever your entrepreneurship takes you.

Stop thinking small and start thinking about how we matter...

Creating the future of consultancy is not for everyone, it is not a 9 to 5 job, travel will be regular and we will never stop evolving.

What it will be is fun, rewarding and an incredible development opportunity.

  • 25 Days holiday per year inclusive of 5 days' closure over Christmas and new year.
  • 15 Days for you We provide all employee’s with 15 flexible days per year.
  • 30 Days pollenation Each year the business hopes to invest up to 30 days in you.
  • Great performance bonus  our bonus is linked to the business and personal.
  • Employee shares schemes and partnership opportunities.

Why not tell us a bit about yourself and reach out for a chat about opportunities?

Cross pollenation

The future success of the industry is dependent on attracting, retaining and developing talent in the industry, through upskilling and training.

We want to support and accelerate the development of talent earlier, and therefore have launched three cross-pollenation programmes:

  • The first “Cross Pollenation” will provide your future leaders with a mentor and quarterly training and networking events.
  • The second “Train Together” means whenever Pollen complete relevant internal training where consultants attend from a live project, the client can also come.
  • Finally our third programme offers secondments of clients into the consulting world or consultants into front line leadership in your factory.

If you are interested in discussing any of the above drop us a line at info@pollenconsultinggroup.com.


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