Capgemini develops skills training for marine & offshore sector

16 October 2019 3 min. read

The marine and offshore sector is likely to be hit just as hard as any by digitalisation, and Capgemini has teamed up with Dassault Systémes and the University of Adelaide to help ensure that the sector’s workforce is ready for the new paradigm. The trio has launched an education programme for future-ready skills.

The new programme is set to be the first of its kind for Australia’s marine and offshore industry, designed to steer the sector into the modern technological paradigm. Housed in Dassault Systémes 3DEXPERIENCE platform – which was created in partnership with the University of Adelaide – the programme will feature a number of different training methods.

Over the course of four months, participants in the educational programme will be familiarised with a mixture of sector-specific theory, practicality and soft skills. While the platform is provided by Dassault, Capgemini will contribute expertise to the programme, delivering industry expertise and soft skills.

Capgemini will train people in various Industry 4.0 facets, such as product lifecycle management, cybersecurity, customer experience, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, all of which are rapidly permeating various sectors of the Australian economy. The global management an technology consultancy has a strong track record in Industry 4.0 services in the country.

Capgemini develops skills training for marine & offshore sector

Most of the skills imparted as part of the programme will be in relation to 3DEXPERIENCE, as participants learn to use the platform to facilitate collaborative innovation, product lifecycle management, and a variety of other capabilities. Participants will also be taught to identify customer needs in order to ensure digital transformations implementations meet business requirements.

The programme is one of many that are being rolled out across Australia. The advent of digital enhancements has created demand for a new set of skills, pushing many industries – including the police in Australia – to invest in digital skill training programmes.

Commenting on the programme, Executive Chairman of Capgemini in Asia Luc-Francois Salvador said, “Leading businesses are reimagining the future of work as we transition into a digitally innovative economy. This industry collaboration is a catalyst for rapidly accelerating a more productive and adaptive future workforce, especially in the defence and naval related industries in South Australia. The programme will deliver a high calibre of talent which will help enhance global competitiveness for Australia.”

Pascale Quester, Deputy Vice-Chancellor at the University of Adelaide added, “This new short course is a perfect example of how innovation in education can help upskill workers and to transition them from other industry sectors. The University of Adelaide has a strong commitment to working with industry partners, co-creating the workforce of the future.”