Simon-Kucher promotes Jason Carley to partner in Sydney

16 December 2019 1 min. read
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Global consulting firm Simon-Kucher & Partners has appointed Jason Carley as a partner. 

Carley has been with the global sales & marketing consultancy in Sydney, Australia since 2011, when Simon-Kucher & Partners established its presence in the country. Before that, he worked for the London office of the consultancy, and spent six months in Boston as part of the firm’s office rotation scheme. 

With fifteen years of experience under his belt, Carley has now been promoted from senior director to partner. In the past decade, he contributed to dozens of projects, helping B2C and B2B companies develop go-to-market strategies, optimise pricing and packaging design and improve sales force effectiveness. 

Simon-Kucher promotes Jason Carley to partner in Sydney

Carley, who holds a Master’s degree in Engineering from the University of Bristol (UK), leads Simon-Kucher’s Leisure, Tourism and Transportation and Logistics practices in Australia and New Zealand. 

His appointment is part of a raft of twenty new partner appointments that go into effect on January 1st 2020, following continued strong growth for the firm. The most admissions to the partnership are in Europe, eleven in total, of which six in Germany, where Simon-Kucher & Partners is headquartered in Bonn. 

Carley just returned from Bonn last weekend, after attending the firm’s annual global meeting – a weekend which saw all of its 1,400 consultants and staff from 39 offices come together to discuss the firm’s future, learn from one another, celebrate and network.

Simon-Kucher’s Australian practice is led by the German Chris Petzoldt, a twenty year veteran at the firm.