Datamavic and VOSS Solutions partner to help SMEs

08 January 2020 3 min. read

Melbourne-based IT consulting and cloud services firm Datamavic has entered into a strategic partnership with global unified communications (UC) firm VOSS Solutions to support small and medium enterprises (SME) across Australia and New Zealand with UC management solutions.

The duo’s low cost high impact services are targeted at SMEs, a business segment that typically struggles with the investments required for unified communications. High costs are among the primary barriers to digital advancement amongst SMEs in Australia, although reports have shown that those that have made the investment are reaping the benefits.

As a result, businesses across the country are looking for cost effective ways of boosting their digital profile, an areas of focus which is part of Datamavic’s sweet spot. The firm’s broad suite of services includes network consulting and managed services for small businesses, drawing on its own body of expertise.

The team at Datamavic consists of consultants and technical experts, who have the capacity to devise effective solutions for SMEs. The firm will now operate in collaboration with VOSS Solutions, a global expert in UC management and design, to help advance the digital innovation paradigm in Australia and New Zealand.

Datamavic and VOSS Solutions partner to help SMEs

The partnership aims to deliver packaged UC management tools and services to SMEs in Australia and New Zealand. These packages will include the UC management platforms designed by VOSS as well as advanced consulting services and knowhow offered by Datamavic.

In terms of expertise, the two firms point out their complementary portfolio. VOSS has a number of features that make it the right fit for Datamavic to consolidate its base in Australia and New Zealand, including an existing base of clients, training expertise, comprehensive strategic abilities and advanced business analytics capacity.

Commenting on the new partnership, Datamavic Managing Director Abhijit Bhowmick said, “When you couple the deep understanding that Datamavic has of the SME market, with the unrivalled market leadership of the VOSS UC management product portfolio, you have a winning formula for Australia and New Zealand. I very much look forward to introducing VOSS advanced automation to organisations in this region to reduce operational costs, simplify UC provisioning and management, help decision makers take better decisions, and reduce MAC (Moves, Adds, Changes) turnaround time.”

Vice President of Business Development at VOSS Solutions Christopher May added, “The Datamavic team is well respected for its expertise in voice communications platforms. This is a very exciting partnership that will enable many organisations to grow and be more profitable, as a result of having a much more agile and dynamic communications platform.”