Synergy launches consulting programme for graduates

25 February 2020 3 min. read
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One of Canberra’s leading professional services firms, Synergy Group, has launched a new graduate program for aspiring consultants: Radar.

Specialist Canberra-based government consultancy Synergy Group is piloting a new Graduate Program aimed at candidates with innovative ideas and a fresh perspective.

Dubbed ‘Radar’, successful applicants will be exposed to several of Synergy’s diverse fields of management consulting over the course of four ten-week blocks, including digital, finance, audit, and people & organisational development.

Synergy launches consulting programme for graduates

According to Galia Cornish, chief executive officer of Synergy Group, the new program is a win-win, with aspirational graduates to receive invaluable exposure to the different types of work and client assignments within the consulting sector, while in turn bringing their innovative ideas and some of the latest thinking to provide a fresh perspective on the complex problems Synergy is commonly brought in to address.

“We hope some of our graduates will go on to build fantastic careers with Synergy, but irrespective, our Graduate Program will deliver great results for Synergy, our clients, and our graduates,” Cornish stated. “As a result of our engaging assessment process, we also know our graduates will bring diversity of thought, curiosity and enthusiasm – traits which lead to even stronger outcomes for our clients.”

These are also the traits that underpin Synergy’s values, says Cornish, with the firm describing its culture as Potential Personified – an approach that inspires the “confidence to consistently deliver results through a playful expression of creativity, passion, energy and curiosity.” As well as demonstrating enthusiasm and a positive attitude, the ideal Radar candidate should also have the ability to work well in a team.

This is an important point, as the firm’s collaborative approach is another area of particular pride. According the Cornish, the response from the broader Synergy team has been overwhelmingly positive. “Our consultants love to share their time and their expertise, and are very excited about having talented, curious, emerging professionals join the team. We love to learn, we love to be challenged, and we love to collaborate.”

Founded more than 20 years ago in Canberra, Synergy has since assembled an experienced team of over 300 full time consultants and government specialists, who together bring a genuine depth of expertise across a diverse range of sectors and functions; Cornish, as an example, came to the firm last year via the Australian Department of Health. Participants, then, will benefit from a cross-section of industry knowledge. 

In addition to receiving specialised training between each of the ten-week rotations, individual participants will also be guided by dedicated team members who will provide coaching and support throughout the program, with Synergy’s leadership team working with clients to ensure not only positive business outcomes, but that the tailored placements will provide an invaluable experience for graduates.

In terms of the ‘pilot’ status of the program, Cornish notes that the firm has established a project team to allow for timely responses to any emerging challenges, and will draw on the lessons learned during its first run to make improvements moving forward. Fittingly, Synergy also hopes that its first cohort of graduates will be encouraged to provide their perspectives to help refine the Radar programme into the future.