Bendelta launches virtual consulting and training platform

17 March 2020 3 min. read
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Bendelta has launched Reach, a new virtual platform that provides a range of online consulting and training offerings aimed at problem-solving, professional and individual development and knowledge transfer. 

According to Anthony Mitchell, the Chief Potential Officer of Bendelta, the launch builds on the firm’s vision of technology as an enabler for better people-based outcomes. “We’ve always used the latest in technology to complement our services,” said Mitchell, “so Reach was a natural development for us.”

The proposition delivers entirely virtual team development, leadership development, strategic and business planning, innovation workshops, change management, executive coaching and culture building. The platform combines online jams, virtual whiteboarding, experience sampling apps, live polling, as well as more standard platforms such as webinars and video-conferences. 

Alongside supporting continuous development, Reach can also provide the technology and organisational backbone for facilitating events, spanning from 25-minute problem-solving events or two-day leadership and strategy events up to mass events joining up thousands of people at a time addressing topics such as covid-19 mitigation. 

Bendelta launches virtual consulting and training platform

Despite the fact that the offering is 100% virtual and digital, Reach can “deliver the same high-impact outcomes” as physical consulting and training, claimed Mitchell, pointing at the combination of cutting-edge technologies combined with “deep expertise in designing and delivering the experiences” needed to achieve maximum effectiveness. 

The training section of Reach enables the online delivery of Bendelta’s major leadership, organisational, strategy and culture development programs online through a suite of digital tools and methods. 

“Reach ensures that organisations can prepare an increasingly dispersed workforce, but also to develop leaders, teams and individuals that are primed for success in the cyber-physical age,” said Mitchell. 

A Corona-driven fast-tracked launch

Developed and launched in beta mode some twelve months ago, Reach has been in a pilot phase for the past months, with Bendelta clients including ASB Bank, HerbertSmithFreehills, NSW Health and Telstra making use of the platform. They used the platform among others to support flexible working and dispersed teams, improve the speed and quality of decision-making, ramp up professional development and reduce carbon footprint. 

Mitchell admitted however that due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, Reach was in the past week fast tracked to full launch. “The Coronavirus pandemic has the potential to cripple organisations of all sizes, across all industries, because their operating rhythm grinds to a halt without face-to-face contact. Yet it doesn’t have to.”

According to Bendelta, “Reach utilises technology to improve speed and the ability to perfectly capture everything in real time. Rather than fully replace offline interactions, it aims to offer organisations a complete choice to use either method, or both, for the same level of impact.”