Canva adopts Workday HCM to drive people-centric growth

14 October 2020 2 min. read

Australian graphic design platform Canva is now enjoying the optimised talent management benefits of Workday Human Capital Management (HCM), following a successful collaboration with Accenture.

Workday HCM is a cloud-based tool that integrates several HR functions into a single, data-driven platform. Leveraging the platform, businesses can digitally manage payrolling, time tracking, compensation, workforce planning and recruiting, all while securely recording data and generating insights in real time.

Sydney-based Canva is now enjoying these new capabilities, as it takes its growth journey from strength to strength. The firm is famous as an Australian ‘unicorn’ – a tech startup worth more than $1 billion – and has rapidly emerged as the graphic designing tool of choice for many across the world. As it stands, well over 15 million people use Canva to edit photos and design documents, graphics and a number of other templates.

The firm has a workforce of well over 1,000 professionals, and chose to ramp up its digital human capital infrastructure as a means to realising the full potential of all that talent. Workday HCM is a widely used solution, while Accenture is among the leading tech specialists in Australia and a certified partner of Workday.

Canva adopts Workday HCM to drive people-centric growth

“We chose Accenture and the Workday platform as it offered scalability across disparate forms and processes,” said Crystal Boysen, Head of People at Canva. Boysen went on to reveal that the implementation of Workday HCM was successful, despite the myriad of barriers thrown up by the Covid-19 crisis.

According to Jonathan Restarick, a leader in Accenture‘s Technology Consulting practice, the challenging circumstances make it all the more important for firms to have such digital infrastructure in place. “Difficult operating conditions are challenging business resilience and redefining the nature of work, calling for continuous collaboration, agile processes, and aligning teams with strategic business initiatives,” he said.

The importance of people and technology in keeping a business competitive was already in the spotlight before the crisis, and has only come into sharper focus over the course of this year. Ensuring workforce productivity stays up to standard under virtual working conditions is critical under the circumstances.

Among the benefits Canva currently is reaping includes better insight in workforce monitoring planning, speedier deployment of talent programmes, workforce and engagement monitoring, and data-driven insights that feed into human capital and business strategies. “We are delighted to have worked with Canva to rapidly implement new ways of working with people and data that will set them up for continued growth,” said Restarick.

According to analyst firm Everest Group, Accenture is one of the globe’s leading Workday implementation partners.