ThinkPlace joins partner network of EarlyBirds Marketplace

03 November 2020 2 min. read

Strategic design consultancy ThinkPlace has partnered with the EarlyBirds Marketplace, giving it access to more than 1 million tech innovators across the world.

EarlyBirds is a tech innovation ecosystem that connects innovators with early-adopter businesses and other experts, forming a network that can build ideas into real world solutions. As a consulting firm looking to drive innovation and social change in Australia and across the globe, ThinkPlace has found value in EarlyBirds’ proposition.

The design consultancy has previously emphasised the value of collaboration when it comes to innovation, particularly when it comes to driving real social change. More than 1.1 million tech innovators, early adopters and experts now form a vast pool of potential collaborators for ThinkPlace, opening doors to markets across the world.

ThinkPlace joins partner network of EarlyBirds Marketplace

Also in the mix of EarlyBirds’ offerings are two programmes – Challenger and Explorer. The former is a disruptive technology workshop of sorts, designed to solve business challenges. The latter is designed to promote innovation in a particular business unit or across an entire business – complete with innovation days, webinars and corporate innovation programmes run by subject matter experts.

And it’s not just a one-way street: ThinkPlace will act as a service provider for EarlyBirds, offering innovative and strategic design value where required. The pair will work together to offer a combined value proposition – strategic design backed by innovative tech.

At a time when most businesses are digitalising and tech solutions are being explored to solve issues across business, society, environment and government, the combination is likely to have many takers.

“Digitalisation and the impact of disruptive technology is central to many of the organisational development initiatives our clients are tackling,” said Dean Johnson, who recently joined ThinkPlace as CEO. ”The ability to interact with EarlyBirds' extensive global ecosystem of tech innovators will add significant value to the business transformation outcomes our clients are seeking.”

According to co-founder of EarlyBirds Marketplace Jeff Penrose, ThinkPlace’s pool of innovation-hungry clients will enjoy the newly combined proposition. “There is real desire by ThinkPlace to proactively promote innovation with its clients and consider solving business challenges with disruptive technology. This Agreement will help ThinkPlace and their clients achieve their digital transformation goals.”