5 ways to make your business stand out on social media

11 January 2021 Consultancy.com.au 5 min. read

If you want your business to get noticed, you’re going to have to find a way to stand out from the competition. Leveraging social media for marketing purposes is one of the most efficient ways to do so – as long as you’re willing to put in some work. 

The good news is that you don’t need to be a guru because you can learn everything you need to succeed:

1. Post content your audience can interact with

No one wants content that’s boring and dull. But what if you were to post something thought-provoking or interactive? Suddenly, everything changes. Your readers are not absorbing it passively but giving it some of their active input instead. Whether it be polls, quizzes, contests, or something similar, this is a surefire way to get them going.

The key point to remember is the importance of getting into your audience’s mind and providing the type of content that resonates with it. Try looking at what your competitors are doing to get some ideas. Don’t copy or imitate them, however. Instead, use the knowledge gathered as a springboard for ideas and put your unique spin on it. It’s not your job to reinvent the wheel – it’s to take a proven concept and apply it in a new and fitting way.

5 ways to make your business stand out on social media

2. Leverage other sources of traffic

Do you have traffic that’s coming from other sources? It’s essential to work with what’s already going well for you and leverage that to boost your other online channels. The great thing about doing this is that it doesn’t take a lot to cross-promote your content across all audiences. You may choose to pass, but in this case, your user base is likely to be scattered across multiple platforms for no reason. 

In most cases, all you need to do is ask, and they will be more than happy to follow you on social media. If that doesn’t work, try offering an incentive (such as a raffle or a giveaway under the condition they sign up).

You can also cross-post your content on all of these platforms. For example, let’s say you write a new article on your blog. Let your Facebook followers know by linking to it and summarising the content in one or two sentences!

3. Post regularly

When you post regularly, you train your followers to expect new content from you frequently. As a result, they are more likely to check out what you’re doing every couple of days. If you post quality content, they will be thrilled to check out what you’ve prepared for them.

In practice, bear in mind that some days will be busier for you than others. But that’s fine as there are many solutions available to help you get through these. One of them is preparing your content in advance and posting it in a trickle-like fashion. Another great option is to outsource this aspect of your business to a freelancer – they can even create some of the content for you and see to it that it is posted regularly.

4. Master the concept of storytelling

In essence, your content should serve to inspire and present a solution to the kind of problems your followers are dealing with. But if you package it up and present it as a form of storytelling, you will take them on a journey of satisfaction and discovery. Do this right, and sales will follow naturally.

For this to work, you need two essential components: doing your due diligence and having a knack for writing. The first one is as simple as opening up a discussion board and seeing what people are having trouble with. The second takes a bit of talent and practice (but both are easy to outsource).

5. Spice up your content with imagery

A wall of text is dry, uninteresting, and boring. Therefore, be sure to include plenty of images and other media designed to capture your audience’s attention.

The reason for this is twofold: First, you need to capture their attention and retain it for as long as possible. Remember that your competitors are fighting for it as well, and if you don’t keep your visitors engaged, they will not hesitate to click away. 

Then, you need to build a brand, and you do that by making your content memorable. Also, make sure all of the images you post follow a certain theme. In an ideal scenario, a visitor should know it was you who posted something without even having your name signed underneath.

Don’t forget to protect your accounts against would-be meddlers

Since you’re managing important business-related accounts, it’s important to take the steps necessary to protect them against would-be meddlers. For starters, make sure no one is watching over your shoulder while you’re logging in. Also, do not leave your device unattended.

Finally, encrypt every piece of data you send out into the web by using a VPN. This will help shield you from those trying to steal your information and those who would love to pry their noses into your business by going through your account. 


Apply the tactics mentioned above, and you’ll be on your way to boosting your social media presence and improving your overall conversion. It won’t happen overnight, but success will follow if you keep chipping away at it every day.