RSM partners with cybersecurity software company Avertro

24 November 2021 2 min. read

RSM has teamed up with cybersecurity firm Avertro to offer clients access to its CyberHQ platform, with a focus on helping smaller businesses navigate the growing threat and compliance landscape.

Professional services firm RSM has joined Sydney-based cybersecurity software provider Avertro in a partnership aimed at improving the cyber-resilience of Australian enterprises, including small and medium businesses. RSM clients will now be able to access Avertro’s CyberHQ platform, which enables organisations to easily manage, measure, and report on their security performance.

“With the cyber-threat in Australia constantly increasing, being able to understand, track and manage your cyber-risk is becoming ever more important,” said RSM risk advisory partner Ashwin Pal. “The partnership between RSM and Avertro will allow Australian organisations to access a complete offering encompassing the personnel and platform needed to do just that, all delivered onshore.”

RSM partners with cybersecurity software company Avertro

As the threat from increasingly sophisticated ransomware and other cyber-attacks continues to evolve, so to the government’s response and the legal and regulatory landscape – including the recently introduced mandatory reporting legislation. The emphasis of RSM’s Avertro partnership is on helping smaller businesses, those with limited cyber-defence budgets, navigate that terrain.

Accordingly, the partners are now actively working on a cost-effective package which can be accessed by small and medium businesses. “The resilience of our entire ecosystem relies on lifting the cyber defences of every single organisation no matter the size,” said Avertro CEO Ian Yip, who prior to founding the company spent time as a senior consultant at EY and IBM Business Services.

By taking relevant data points, calculating, normalising, and translating them into actionable and easy-to-understand insights, Avertro states that its CyberHQ platform can streamline and automate up to three quarters of the usual manual effort. As well as cutting time and overheads, the platform also aids reporting and compliance by translating between all of the regulatory frameworks.

The aim of Avertro from the outset was to bridge the gap between the cyber department and boardroom by way of bringing business concepts into the cyber discussion, and as such illuminate strategic value. Here, it can help manage the “business of cyber and right-size spend” by aligning costs with outcomes in a manner that can be understood by all relevant stakeholders.