MarTech provider Acoustic names KPMG a consulting partner

30 November 2021 2 min. read
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Acoustic, an independent marketing cloud and analytics provider, has entered into a strategic alliance with KPMG.

In the new alliance, KPMG’s Marketing Consulting team will deepen its capabilities with the Marketing Cloud product suite – an omnichannel platform that provides marketers with a deep and detailed understanding of customer behaviour. Marketers are guided through data-driven insights, so they can build quality customer relationships, brand loyalty, boost engagement, and drive revenue.

As a consulting and implementation partner, KPMG will provide advisory services that tailor the platform’s offering to meet the unique needs of clients. These services include discovery prior to implementation, configuration based upon each customer’s specific goals and influencing factors, and campaign builds and migrations.

MarTech provider Acoustic names KPMG a consulting partner

Ryan Doubet, Managing Director in the Marketing Technology Consulting team of KPMG, said the alliance is a ‘win-win’ for KPMG and Acoustic’s joint customers. “We’re thrilled to work with Acoustic to empower marketers at some of the world’s leading brands, making it simple and seamless to create highly personalised, effective customer journeys.”

“KPMG and Acoustic’s offerings will help marketers to increase conversions, strengthen retention, and ultimately drive revenue. At the same time, this combination of leading MarTech with leading consulting services will allow joint customers to centralise digital data collection, gain insight into customer and prospect behaviour, and simplify the overall marketer experience.”

Some of the key features of Acoustic’s Marketing Cloud offer includes: a centralised interface for executing multi-channel campaigns; a program that builds personalised conversations across an individual’s journey; built-in content management; and dashboards for monitoring campaign performance.

“Acoustic is proud to provide our Marketing Cloud customers with access to the premier implementation and consulting services that KPMG offers,” said Dennis Self, CEO at Acoustic. “We’re enthusiastic about this partnership and look forward to working closely with KPMG.”