Prof. Consulting Group adds Andy Adcock to European team

16 January 2022 2 min. read
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Australian-origin food consultancy Prof. Consulting Group has expanded its European team with Andy Adcock, who is based in the United Kingdom.

Andy Adcock joins Prof. Consulting Group’s growing team in Europe, which now consists of associates based in Germany and the United Kingdom, among others.

“In response to client demand amid a disruptive landscape, we’re growing our international teams,” said Debra Field, Director and Founder of Prof. Consulting Group, a Melbourne-based consulting firm that helps players in the food and grocery chain with growth strategy, management, operations and the delivery of change.

Andy Adcock, Associate, Prof. Consulting Group

“Andy is the perfect addition to the Prof. Consulting Group as he brings a proven track record at the highest level of retailing. Some of his key achievements are working with Asda Supermarkets in being the first UK private label food brand to remove artificial ingredients and leading the Marks & Spencer food business to retailer of the year, three times in a row,” said Field.

Over the past five years, Adcock leveraged his two-plus decades at Asda and Marks & Spencer working as an independent consultant (including being affiliated with Boston Consulting Group supporting the firm’s engagements in the food sector). He specialises in commercial topics (sales excellence, innovation & business development), product development, private label investments and growth, and supply chain optimisation.

Now at Prof. Consulting Group, Adcock has been appointed an Associate and Transformation & Improvement Expert. Field: “Our focus is on helping busy clients achieve success, redefine their business development and increase their market penetration, all critical to their long-term success. Andy agrees, he goes further and says that ‘part of thinking differently is learning to see differently’.”

“Andy excels at market outperformance and share growth, and asks the hard questions, which enables him to identify strategic opportunities and help clients deliver on their objectives.”

Last year, Prof. Consulting Group welcomed Annie Dunne to its associate network in the United Kingdom.