Prof. Consulting deepens ESG supply chain offerings with S4RB

06 February 2022 2 min. read

Australian food retail consultancy Prof. Consulting Group has agreed a partnership with S4RB, a provider of supplier collaboration software.

Working together, the two companies aim to help companies in the food and grocery sectors with enhancing the environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance of their supply chains.

“You've most likely heard the McKinsey statistic that two-thirds of the average company's environmental and social impact lies with suppliers. For fast moving consumer goods brands, it can even be as high as 95%,” said James Butcher, the CEO of S4RB.

Prof. Consulting deepens ESG supply chain offerings with S4RB

“With this in mind, it's a no-brainer that brands need to work with all of their suppliers to achieve their sustainability goals,” Butcher added.

This is where S4RB’s Affinity platform comes in. The company’s award-winning supplier collaboration platform helps companies with better understanding and managing their suppliers and interactions. “The platform provides a complete view of product performance and the tools to generate and communicate real insight,” said Butcher.

“Through closer collaboration with suppliers, Affinity helps find the balance between innovation, speed and cost effectiveness.”

The potential for improvement can be huge, said Butcher. “While the large majority of emissions from consumer goods come from the supply chain, less than 25% of companies engage with their suppliers to address these emissions, and only 9% of companies can measure their carbon footprint.”

Working together with Prof. Consulting Group, S4RB will now be able to bring an integrated approach to clients, helping them navigate the strategic and operational challenges they face in demystifying sustainability across the supplier network.

Butcher: “The complexity of identifying the real issues that are materially important to FMCG brands, combined with the complexity of the modern supply chain can result in organisational inertia. Our partnership with Prof. Consulting Group brings together the knowledge and capabilities to help brands overcome this in a pragmatic way.”

Mark Field, the Founder and CEO of Prof. Consulting Group, said that the partnership will help the firm deepen its sustainability-focused supply chain expertise.

“Whether it is reducing carbon emissions, eliminating unnecessary plastics, or promoting a more responsible supply chain, businesses need to engage with all suppliers and not just the top 20%. However hard that may be.”

“And that's why our partnership with S4RB excites me. Together we can help a brand identify the issues that are important for their customers and deliver positive impact by collaborating with their suppliers at pace and scale utilising our global team of specialists,” Field added.

Prof. Consulting Group has offices in Australia and the United Kingdom and operates worldwide through a global network of specialists. S4RB is a UK-based software provider. Its Affinity platform is used by grocery majors including Asda, Coop, Walmart and Woolworths.