BCG and SAP team up on sustainability transformation offering

04 April 2022 3 min. read
Two of the world’s leading business services firms have come together on a new sustainability transformation offering for clients, with BCG and SAP combining their wares. 

Global strategy firm Boston Consulting Group has partnered with ERP giant SAP on a joint sustainability offering, which they say can help companies realise emissions reductions of up to 40 percent.

The new, co-developed ‘Sustainability Transformation’ offering will focus on three areas; strategy, business model change, and technology innovation, with BCG combining its CO2 AI solution with SAP’s Product Footprint Management application.

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“I firmly believe that an organisation’s environmental impact will soon be as important to its key stakeholders as its financial performance,” commented BCG CEO Christoph Schweizer. “Early movers in sustainability can experience more than a 10 percent market premium. This is an enormous opportunity for companies around the world. This partnership with SAP will allow our clients to transform at an unprecedented pace.”

The potential 40 percent reduction cited by BCG derives from a study conducted by the firm last year, which found that a combination of process automation, carbon data transparency, circular product or service design, and sustainable business models could reduce emissions by up to 70 percent for an organisation of around 80,000 people – with the bulk of those reductions coming from system-wide data tracking and visualisation.

This is the aim of bringing together the firm’s two market-leading solutions, to enable companies to integrate cutting-edge carbon-tracking measurement and intelligence into their core business operations and strategic decision making to better target Scope 1 through 3 emissions. BCG and SAP say their combined solutions can be ready for use within weeks and will provide transparency on sustainability ‘at the push of a button’.

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As part of the new joint offering, SAP and BCG will also assess the circularity opportunity for clients across their entire supply chain and product portfolio in a bid to achieve zero waste, and will tap their various steering and reporting solutions and software to help ensure that sustainability transformation efforts are driven with a focus on business value and that companies can readily comply with all regulatory requirements.

“Being sustainable requires coordination across the value chain, and this is where SAP’s partnership with BCG plays a key role,” said SAP Chief Executive Officer Christian Klein. “Bringing together BCG’s expertise, tools, and services with SAP’s technology gives companies the transparency, actionable data, and strategic guidance they need to successfully tackle end-to-end sustainability and create value for all its stakeholders.”