NYC’s Ministry of Culture opens Sydney office

20 November 2018

After almost 20 years of business based out of New York, Ministry of Culture have opened their first international office in Australia. Founded by David Art Wales, a Sydneysider himself, the venture will open its doors this month.

The Ministry of Culture (MoC) is a cultural consulting firm which help companies connect with and contribute to global culture. The firm offers three service lines which span cultural insights, cultural creation and company culture.

The consultancy organises a businesses culture based on market research with a focus on trends. As part of their culture creation strategy, the firm helps clients contribute to culture via creative programmes and social engagement. MoC also defines and leverages its client’s mission, values and workplace practices to build up company culture.

The firm has been in operation since 2000 and has worked on 243 projects and has amassed over 127 clients. They include some of the world’s largest multinationals such as; Starbucks, AT&T, Toyota, Microsoft and Samsung. Whilst the firm has been operational globally, it has been concentrated in its New York office, until now.

Sydney local David Art Wales has made the decision to return to Australia and help local Sydney businesses build up their company culture. As Sydney’s culture is currently being sapped from the city due to mismanagement of youth and cultural affairs and an overarching nanny-state, the firm’s presence will no doubt be welcomed.

NYC’s Ministry of Culture opens Sydney office

Moreover, Wales has noted that his decision to open the office in Sydney has been affected by Australia’s shift in terms of conscious capitalism. Many multinationals across the country have been adapting their policy to focus on improving workers experiences, diversity & inclusion, and company culture

“Instead of work being a place that merely extracts a third of an employee’s time, we can make it somewhere that contributes to their lives in a way that makes them more productive. Instead of ads that feel intrusive, we create marketing that contributes something,” he said. “These are modern solutions with win-win outcomes.

Sydney will be the base for the firm’s operations throughout Australia as well as the Asia Pacific - where multiple of the firm’s clients hail from. Before bridging the link across the Pacific Ocean, MoC had worked with the ABC and Triple J, amongst others. “We field a ton of inquiries from Aussie brands and businesses intent on implementing pro-people policies. You see the same trend in the rise of company positions with the words ‘people’ and ‘culture’ in them.”

David Art Wales calls himself the Prime Minister of the Ministry of Culture. The firm’s director and founder will head the setup of the new office. He has a background as an ABC TV presenter, cultural forecaster/trend analyst at Toyota and professor of consumer anthropology at New Jersey Institute of Technology. He has also engaged in multiple ventures throughout his time at the MoC, including, a a full-service company, overseeing the development, production, distribution and launch of branded entertainment for clients.

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Bourne Digital launches SAP user experience design centre in Melbourne

03 April 2019

German enterprise software giant SAP has launched an AppHaus in Melbourne in partnership with local consultancy Bourne Digital.

Melbourne has joined an exclusive international list with the launch of the Bourne Digital Experience Design Centre – a SAP ‘AppHaus’ co-innovation centre where customers can come together with engineers and solution providers to co-design the end-user experience. Of ten present locations worldwide, it’s just the second in the Asia Pacific, and the first in the region to run by a SAP network partner.

Established in Melbourne in 2015, and with an additional outlet in Sydney, user experience (UX) design consultancy Bourne Digital provides a range of services with a focus on agile digital product design and development, serving clients in the financial services, retail, logistics and utilities sectors in areas such as user research, design thinking, prototyping, architecture, testing and validation, and managed services. 

Recently named a SAP Partner Award winner for innovation at the SAP Partner Kickoff  meetings (where Accenture and Deloitte claimed two titles apiece for the Asia Pacific region), Bourne Digital was founded by managing director Selim Ahmed, who previously served as head of mobile and UX solutions for SAP in Australia and New Zealand. Prior to SAP, Ahmed spent 12 years between Deloitte, BearingPoint and PwC, the latter where he was the founding director of the firm’s national digital consulting practice.

Bourne Digital launches SAP user experience design centre in Melbourne

Now Ahmed joins just a handful of others in guiding a partner-operated AppHaus for the German enterprise software giant, which last year clocked global revenues of nearly AU$40 billion. Since unveiling the concept in Heidelberg in 2013, SAP has added four more locations, including the sole previous Asia Pacific outlet in Korea, while another five current AppHaus hubs are run by partners – covering Austria, Spain, the US, and Canada. 

Located at the iconic pre-federation Bennelong Building a short hop from Flinders Street Station, the Bourne Digital Experience Design Centre has already been supporting clients with digital transformations, including Newcrest Mining, with the collaboration using machine learning to produce an app which simplifies maintenance requests for the some 20,000-plus assets of what is one of the largest gold-miners in the world.

“The Bourne Digital Experience Design Centre brings together the right environment and expertise to deliver innovative solutions to real business problems putting the user experience at the heart of the process,” Newcrest’s chief information & digital officer Gavin Wood told ARN. “Human-centred design has already helped us achieve rapid and effective innovation – we are looking forward to seeing where this takes us next.”

“By bringing together business experts, designers, developers, customers, and users in a creative environment like the Bourne Digital Experience Design Centre, there’s no limit to the innovation we can help our customers achieve,” said SAP A/NZ managing director Damien Bueno, with Ahmed adding; “We are really honoured to be the first SAP AppHaus Network member in the Asia Pacific and Japan region and are excited about the growth and innovation this will bring to Melbourne.”

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