Leon Doyle takes over as head of Deloitte Digital in Australia

05 June 2023 Consultancy.com.au 3 min. read
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Company veteran Leon Doyle has been named as the new head of Deloitte Digital. Doyle returns to the unit as Esan Tabrizi’s replacement after serving as Deloitte chief experience officer since 2021.

The Australian branch of Deloitte Digital has quickly replaced its former head Esan Tabrizi, with Sydney-based Deloitte chief experience officer Leon Doyle named as the tech and creative unit’s new national lead partner.

Doyle has been with Deloitte for close to two decades, dating back to a UX consultant role with acquisition Eclipse, while Tabrizi departs after the firm after 13 years, citing a desire to be closer to his family in Dubai.

Leon Doyle takes over as head of Deloitte Digital in Australia

“What an honour to be appointed national lead partner for Deloitte Digital in Australia,” Doyle stated on LinkedIn. “Of course, Deloitte Digital is nothing without its people – deep subject matter experts who believe in the potential and impact of new ideas, new strategies, new technologies and new partnerships to deliver new growth for our clients and their customers. Getting to work with this great group is why I bounce out of bed every day.”

Having spent time in web development in California and Singapore, Doyle in 2004 arrived at Melbourne-based internet design consultancy Eclipse, which was at the time newly acquired by Deloitte, and within a decade had risen to partner and head of experience design at Deloitte Digital. Following later stints as Sydney and Customer Strategy practice leader, Doyle was appointed as Deloitte Australia’s chief experience officer in 2021.

Doyle has also played a role at Deloitte in championing diversity & inclusion, previously leading the firm’s cultural diversity strategy and steering committee. In this capacity, Doyle led a 2017 internal study which found that while 30 percent of Deloitte staff were of an Asian background, they only accounted for one in ten partners at the time. The project’s goal was to ensure all of the firm's professionals were afforded the same opportunities for success.

Of his latest appointment, Doyle concluded; “At Deloitte Digital, we do two things; we make customers more valuable to businesses and brands, and businesses and brands more valuable to customers. And we do this in a distinctly Deloitte Digital way with a liberal sprinkling of our ‘secret sauce’ – the combination of logic and magic. It’s the blending of our analytical, business and tech smarts with creativity that enables us to deliver better outcomes for our clients.”

Tabrizi meanwhile joined Deloitte Digital as a manager in 2010, gaining admittance to the partnership four years later before being appointed to the top role in 2021 (as a replacement for recently-appointed Melbourne consulting lead Steven Hallam), having also served as national lead partner for the firm’s customer & marketing offerings.

Tabrizi now lists his job title as Chief Relocation Officer, as he prepares to move from Australia to the Middle East.

“I can’t help but reflect on the extraordinary journey I’ve had over the years with Deloitte Digital, one filled with learning, growth, transformation, and most importantly, relationships that have shaped me both professionally and personally,” Tabrizi stated. “From being part of an amazing team that has shaped our industry, our growth to becoming market leaders and every single project delivered, every moment has been an enriching experience.”