Deloitte acquires workforce management consultancy Enforce

07 June 2023 2 min. read
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Established locally in 2018, the Australian arm of Ceridian workforce management and payroll cloud technology partner Enforce Consulting has been acquired by Deloitte.

Professional services giant Deloitte has picked up the Australian branch of Enforce Consulting, which on entering the market became the first local partner of human resources software provider Ceridian.

Enforce’s Asia Pacific Ceridian Dayforce practice director Gordon Turnbull will join Deloitte Consulting as a principal later this month, alongside a dozen Enforce professionals.

Deloitte acquires workforce management consultancy Enforce

“We are extremely excited to join Deloitte and build on their existing Dayforce practice,” Turnbull stated. “Enforce has been committed to customer success, which aligns with Deloitte’s commitment to delivering high-quality solutions to clients. We’re thrilled to be part of a bigger picture in terms of opportunity for our clients and people, especially as Deloitte has such a strong market presence in human capital consulting.”

Established in San Francisco in 2016 by one-time Andersen Consulting duo Tim Dilley and Michael McKay, Enforce expanded to Australia two years later via the launch of an office in Sydney, extending its existing Ceridian partnership and implementation and management expertise downunder. Meanwhile, Ceridian, which acquired Dayforce in 2012, announced its own partnership collaboration with Deloitte toward the end of last year.

“The nature of modern work – where and how we do it – has shifted dramatically since the pandemic,” said Deloitte Ceridian alliance lead Glen Detering, who was promoted to partner in 2021. “And the transition is challenging for employers on multiple fronts. Shifting dynamics and disruptions are demanding agility, and the right technology solutions and supports are critical in managing business needs, employee expectations, and compliance.”

While a drop in the ocean compared to its 2019 acquisition of Sydney-headquartered human capital consultancy Presence of IT – which with a team of 600 professionals was Deloitte’s largest ever local transaction at the time – the firm says that its latest bolt-on will serve to further enhance its HMC and payroll management offering via the Dayforce platform while making Deloitte one of Ceridian’s leading cloud technology partners in Australia.

The integrated Dayforce solution, Detering contends, is market differentiating and part of the next wave of HR technology ecosystems, with customers set to benefit through cost optimisation and improved risk mitigation and transparency; “Enforce was Ceridian’s first local partner, and its team is highly credentialed in working with clients to implement high value, end-to-end tech-enabled HR digital transformations across the entire product suite.”