Argon & Co launches Intralogistics service offering for ANZ clients

26 June 2023 2 min. read
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Global operations and supply chain consultancy Argon & Co has launched a new service offering for its clients in Australia and New Zealand: Intralogistics.

The new service offering will help clients optimise and automate their intralogistics – the logistical information and material flows that take place within the four walls of a fulfilment or distribution centre.

Paul Eastwood, Managing Partner of Argon & Co in Australia and New Zealand, said that the new offering comes in response to growing demand from logistics groups and retailers for optimising their approach to intra-warehousing. The launch also expands Argon & Co’s suite of services in the logistics landscape.

Argon & Co launches Intralogistics service offering for ANZ clients

“The launch of intralogistics as an additional service offering will add deep technical expertise to an area which is becoming increasingly relevant for our clients,” Eastwood stated.

The service comprises a number of different propositions, including intralogistics design, process excellence benchmarking, warehouse management and control systems, automation, and data & analytics.

Leading the new offering are the duo Bas Schilders and Jeffrey Triantafilo, who both joined Argon & Co in January 2023 through the acquisition of Fuzzy LogX. Schilders founded Fuzzy LogX, while Triantafilo was a partner at the firm. Fuzzy LogX specialised in intralogistics, with expertise in warehouse automation and technology.

Meanwhile, in New Zealand, Argon & Co in May welcomed the team of Studio Logistic, which also specialises in intralogistics. The team hire came on the back of a two-year collaboration with the acquired team.

“The teams of Fuzzy LogX and Studio Logistics have an amazing depth of expertise in intralogistics. Combined with our own logistics, operations, and supply chain capabilities, it means we can turbo-charge our end-to-end offering, meeting our clients’ needs with market leading solutions,” said Eastwood.

“With our combined expertise, we are well equipped to guide clients through the rapidly changing intralogistics landscape with confidence,” said Schilders and Triantafilo.