Vincents launches advisory offering for start-ups

19 September 2023 2 min. read
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Professional services firm Vincents has launched a start-up advisory offering. Led by directors Sam Heaney and Steven Roberts, the offering was concepted with the help of 20-year-old.

The new proposition will provide start-ups and their founders with an all-encompassing advisory service, said Vincents in a statement. Key offerings include capital raising, financial advisory, research & development, and tax advisory.

Operating out of Brisbane, the focus will be on early-stage tech companies in the Queensland market.

Vincents launches advisory offering for start-ups

Heaney said he expected demand for the offering to be strong as start-ups navigate challenging economic conditions. “We’re seeing a change in the market where businesses aren’t being given capital as easily and freely as they once were,” he said. “Founders are needing a lot more education and hand-holding through these times to understand how they can utilise their resources to maximise value and to achieve the targets and goals.”

Notably, the conception of the offering was the brainchild of 20-year-old Charlie Selth, who pitched the idea to executive chairman Jonathan Dooley while an undergraduate accountant at the firm last year.

“While we’ve had experts in our team doing excellent work across specific services in the start-up space, Charlie tied these diverse components together and turned it into a holistic start-up offering,” said Dooley.

“A difficulty when working with founders is that many ventures don’t get off the ground straight away so – working with Charlie – we’ve structured this offering to support them right through the process, helping them emerge with a highly investable business,” he added.

Selth said access to the executive team of Vincents from the outset helped considerably in his confidence to put forward these ideas. “I think it portrays a really good message, being a younger employee in a lower ranked position and still receiving so much support for taking some initiative.”

“There is a lot we can learn from our team, no matter their age. We are delighted Charlie’s vision has come to life and become a fully integrated offering among our services,” Dooley said.

Selth now works at the firm as a Financial Analyst while studying Commerce & Economics at the University of Queensland.

Founded in 1989 and this year celebrating its 35th anniversary, Vincents has 240 staff working from offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Gold Coast, and the Sunshine Coast.