GHD appoints Erin Jackson and Mia Barnard to leadership roles

12 October 2023 2 min. read
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Global professional services firm GHD has appointed Erin Jackson and Mia Barnard to leadership roles in its Australian business.

Appointed Mobility Lead for Australia, Erin Jackson brings more than 19 years of experience in the fields of traffic engineering, transport planning and project management to her new role.

She has been with GHD for 17-plus-years, during which she has held various positions across technical services delivery and leadership, operational leadership, and client relationship management.

GHD appoints Erin Jackson and Mia Barnard to leadership roles

In her new role, Jackson leads GHD’s cross-service engineering and advisory mobility offering. Commenting on her new role, she said: “Mobility is about connecting communities. Yet there are a number of challenges ahead for Australia with increasing community mobility constraints, the static progress towards eradicating deaths on our roads, and the challenge of emission reductions.”

“It will require a holistic system response enabled by transport network transformation, innovation and digital solutions, and challenging our unconsciousness for the betterment of communities. My aim is to help clients think differently about complex transport systems and diverse human needs that underpin them.”

Appointed Transport Decarbonisation Lead for Australia, Mia Barnard brings around 23 years of international experience across Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and South Africa to the role.

Her journey at GHD started in 2007, when she joined the company in Auckland. Over the years, Barnard held various leadership roles focused on transport solutions.

“Transport plays a pivotal role in our journey towards a decarbonised future,” Barnard said. “The sector's contribution towards Australia’s current emissions is considerable and therefore plays a critical role in achieving a net zero future, but it will also have a meaningful impact on realising community benefits and enable our transition to be a just and equitable one. My role will focus on cross-industry collaboration to support our clients on their unique decarbonisation journeys.”