Infosys teams with Table Tennis Victoria on leadership program

11 March 2024 2 min. read

Table Tennis Victoria is teaming up with global technology consultancy Infosys on a junior leadership development program to help grow the sport with increased input from its younger generation.

Infosys is bringing its experience in the international tennis arena to the table in a new deal, signing on with Table Tennis Victoria to nurture the state’s next generation of talent through its Springboard leadership program.

The deal will see aspiring participants under the age of 18 engage in an immersive learning program to enhance their digital and community awareness skills in areas such as leadership, inclusion, and design thinking. Additionally, those selected will spend a day at the firm’s Living Lab in Melbourne to gain hands-on experience in AI, the metaverse, and virtual reality, and learn how these technologies are shaping contemporary sport.

Infosys teams with Table Tennis Victoria on leadership program

The arrangement aims to foster the growth of table tennis in Victoria by bringing a fresh perspective to the table, backed by the establishment of a junior advisory committee to help guide the sporting body in increasing female and junior participation and improving tournament structures, performance pathways and volunteer recruitment. The future leaders will also hone their skills by delivering a project in collaboration with their club, coach or a community organisation.

“In table tennis we are always looking for new ideas to improve and develop the sport,” stated Andrew Weiss, interim CEO of Table Tennis Victoria. “Creating a junior leadership program allows the youth of our sport to take on more responsibilities and have more of an influence on how we operate. This program will give our younger generation the opportunity to voice their thoughts and opinions about what young people really want in the sport.”

Meanwhile, Infosys has also extended its groundbreaking partnership with the ATP to 2026, which will mark a decade worth of collaboration to enhance the tennis fan experience through digital innovations. The array of added features and insights, the partners say, have led to a 50 percent year-on-year increase in traffic to the ATP website’s statistics section, with the next phase of development to focus on AI-powered personalisation for players and fans.

“Our collaboration has successfully leveraged technological innovations to create an immersive and engaging experience for over a billion fans and thousands of players globally,” stated Infosys’ global CMO Sumit Virmani. “We are proud and excited to extend our relationship with the ATP and enthusiastic about the next phase of AI-driven digital innovations which will demonstrate to all our stakeholders how we can amplify the potential of this sport.”