ASX-listed company DWS acquires Object Consulting

02 October 2019 2 min. read
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IT and digital transformation consultancy Object Consulting has been acquired by Melbourne-based IT consultancy DWS. The $4.3 million deal was previously announced to the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) by DWS and formally closes today.

Object Consulting is based in North Sydney, New South Wales, and has been providing digital support to clients across Australia since its establishment in 1988. The firm’s suite of services has evolved over the years, most recently centred in enterprise digital transformation and systems integration, among others.

The firm has previously been recognised for its abilities in the cloud consulting domain, having won the Microsoft Cloud Partner of the Year: Small and Medium Businesses, as well as the Sitecore Rising Star Award. However, financial conditions at the firm have been a source of concern recently.

According to a statement released by the acquirer, “Object Consulting’s rights and obligations under current customer contracts, various plant and equipment as well as software products and intellectual property used to provide services to customer contracts” will now operate under DWS.

ASX-listed company DWS acquires Object Consulting

DWS chief executive Danny Wallis acknowledged the value that the acquisition brings, while also providing some indication about conditions at Object. He expressed that DWS was “especially pleased to be able to offer employment to the majority of the Object Consulting employees in what has been an uncertain time.”

The move strengthens DWS’ operations as well, which currently stretch across six locations in Australia. The firm is based in Melbourne, and has additional operations in other major financial centres of Adelaide, Southbank and North Sydney, where it offers a variety of digital services.

Object Consulting’s suite of services aligns effectively with that of DWS, given that the latter’s services also revolve around driving digital transformation. Since its establishment in 1991, DWS has offered a wide variety of digital services. Today’s iteration includes cloud solutions, business intelligence and solution testing, among a range of others.

The firm’s combined force will now support Australian businesses with their investments in technology, something that an increasing number of firms in the country are coming to value. A spike in demand for digital consulting has driven many advisory companies – including the Big Four – to ramp up their digital capacity in Australia.