The leading consulting firms in Australia

Australia is home to hundreds of consulting firms – large, mid-sized, boutique and niche consultancies. But only a select handful of consulting firms can claim to be a leader in Australia’s consulting industry, or a leading player in their segment.’s guide of leading firms in Australia breaks down the country's top consultancies across several facets, and is based on’s database of more than 10 million data points per year globally and over 1 million in Australia. Rankings are presented in near real-time, as the data used for individual lists is refreshed by the hour.

As with any ranking that lauds the best in industry, the answer to “what defines a leading consulting firm” depends on a multitude of factors. How is best or top defined? What is meant with leading? And just as important, who is providing the input? Our guide draws on the voices of consultants, clients of consulting firms and job seekers, both experienced hires and graduates, to compile Australia’s most comprehensive list of leading consulting firms.

An overview of rankings of Australia's leading consulting firms: