Deloitte Consulting appoints 16 new partners in Australia

20 December 2020 5 min. read
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Deloitte has appointed 16 new partners in its Australian Consulting division – an introduction of the new leaders. 

Andrea Abusah

Based in: Sydney

“I'm proud to be the National Lead for Retail and Consumer Products for the Finance & Performance practice, and am passionate about thoughtfully transforming the way CFOs and finance functions excel by embracing digital financial technologies and analytics.”

Tom Alstein

Based in: Sydney

“I specialise in financial services and enjoy leading in growth markets like cloud transformation. I’m passionate about transforming organisations and inspiring the next generation of human capital experts.”

Andrea Abusah, Tom Alstein, Susan Brown and Ben Fish

Susan Brown

Based in: Melbourne

“I’m passionate about supporting and training women in start-ups and digital, so I founded Australia’s Girls in Tech four years ago and volunteer with Women in Blockchain. I love spending my nights and weekends helping to run hackathons or training bootcamps.” 

Ben Fish

Based in: Sydney

“I help clients accelerate their transformation programs and build a competitive advantage through strengthening their organisational ability to deliver change at scale and at pace.” 

Graham Hart

Based in: Sydney

“I believe getting women back into the workforce is not only a capability uplift with different perspectives, but also a huge benefit to our economy. I’m also committed to supporting our people in defining, developing (and really stretching themselves!) to progress their career at Deloitte.” 

Alex Jara

Based in: Melbourne

“I’m proud to lead the award-winning MuleSoft alliance for Deloitte Asia Pacific. Deloitte is a true thought leader in cloud and integration services. I also enjoy sharing best practices with our team and the community to drive client excellence.”

Graham Hart, Alex Jara, Arjun Kapur and Kate McLean

Arjun Kapur

Based in: Melbourne

“I specialise in helping our clients reimagine their work and developing transformational solutions, hand-in-hand with our strategic technology partners, to define the modern workforce and help employees work the way they live.” 

Kate McLean

Based in: Brisbane

“I will continue to lead and build the market for our Finance & Performance team in Brisbane, as well as share my passion for creating leaders of the future, and expanding our market-leading team.”

Sarah Rogers

Based in: Melbourne

“I will build and grow our public sector workforce transformation capability and use assets to accelerate insights and impact for clients. I’m also excited to bring the future of work to our own team in the way we lead, shape culture, support hybrid work models, embrace diversity and use technology.” 

Tina Northcott

Based in: Sydney

“I focus on helping utilities clients transform their operations by embracing innovation and using digital tools to enable flexibility to respond to rapidly changing consumer and regulatory demands.” 

 Rogers, Tina Northcott, Troy Outtram and Priscilla Short

Troy Outtram

Based in: Melbourne

“I’m Deloitte’s Lead Alliance Partner for Sitecore and love bringing the best of the firm to our clients by allowing them to deliver first-class digital customer experiences.”

Priscilla Short

Based in: Melbourne

“I lead our Service Design team for our Salesforce offering and am the originator and national lead of our Salesforce Councils product – both of which form part of our strategy to create customer orientated businesses that thrive in the market.”

Daniel Skirving

Based in: Perth

“I lead our Western Australia Oracle practice, which enables me to build long-lasting relationships with our clients to help them solve business problems with the very best of technology and our incredible team. In particular, I’m proud to be a part of the team working with an iconic West Australian company, transforming the way members interact with and receive services from their private healthcare provider.”

Todd Slatter

Based in: Sydney

“I have built my career championing and specialising in SAP, most recently in SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud. As an integral player in the Deloitte SAP team, we have won the last five SAP vendor awards, reflecting our strong market position in SAP Cloud ERP. To further advance our clients with optimal SAP solutions, I have developed market-leading assets, accelerators and teams.”

Daniel Skirving, Todd Slatter, James Stone and Brad West

James Stone

Based in: Sydney

“I am proud to step up in our SAP team to integrate our team with the broader Consulting practice, and am looking forward to leading a broader capability in future to deliver values to our clients.” 

Brad West

Based in: Melbourne

“I support our clients to design and implement their digital procurement transformation. I achieve this through a strong understanding of the benefits of digital procurement, working closely with alliance partners to support the client’s adoption of enabling technology.”

In Australia, Deloitte has around 9,000 employees, generating to the tune of $2.5 billion in revenues.