Kantar Public reshuffles APAC leadership to enhance collaboration

23 August 2021 Consultancy.com.au 1 min. read
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Kantar Public, the public policy wing of marketing consulting and research giant Kantar, has reshuffled its leadership across Asia Pacific to encourage closer working between teams in the region.

Established in 2016, Kantar Public is the government-focused advisory, research and communications wing of Bain Capital and WPP owned Kantar. The firm operates with 30+ offices worldwide, twelve of which are based in Asia Pacific. These twelve offices now will be led in a more integrated manner, according to a release by Kantar Public circulated last week.

By creating a senior leadership team consisting of two Co-CEOs – Ash Moore and Kathy O’Donoghue (both are based in Australia) – and Managing Directors from across the region – Kirsty Macmillan (Australia), Jocelyn Rout and Michael Dunne (New Zealand), Sandra Lim (Singapore) and Donghyun Park (South Korea) – the firm aims to provide more integrated services to clients in the four countries through enhanced collaboration between teams.

Kantar Public reshuffles APAC leadership to enhance collaboration

“This move will enhance executive partnership across the region, and deepen our ability to address the needs of government clients in the complex and rapidly changing policy environment facing all markets,” explained Moore.

“To help our clients adapt to this changing environment, we want to bring diversity and international best practice to our advisory work, at the scale required. Everywhere we work, our teams are led by country nationals with deep local expertise. We add to this a regional and global perspective as well to help our clients address their most pressing challenges.”

Meanwhile, O’Donoghue added that the enhanced collaboration will also enable Kantar Public to improve the way its teams share knowledge and learn internally.