Mohammad Chowdhury launches Long Street Advisors

08 May 2023 2 min. read
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Former PwC and Strategy& partner Mohammad Chowdhury has established his own consultancy, Long Street Advisors, with the aim to help clients add “meaning” to their digital strategies and programmes.

Taking to LinkedIn to announce his venture, Mohammad Chowdhury said, “Motivated by the significant opportunities for digital economy and inclusion, I am launching a new firm to support clients to enable “meaningful digitisation”.

Based out of Melbourne, Long Street Advisors helps clients in the technology, media and telecom sectors (Chowdhury previously led Strategy&’s TMT practice in Australia), as well as governments and investors. Drawing from a network of experts in multiple locations, Long Street Advisors will target clients in Australia, Asia, and Europe.

Mohammad Chowdhury launches Long Street Advisors

A more than three-decade consulting veteran, Chowdhury first joined PwC in London in 1990, having earned his masters in economics and development politics at the University of Cambridge. He has since amassed a glittering career, covering just about every corner of the globe.

After more than a decade in his first stint with PwC, which saw him deliver telecom assignments across Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Chowdhury then joined IBM Consulting (as part of its acquisition of PwC Consulting in the aftermath of the Enron scandal).

After six years with the tech giant, and a further two years with Vodafone in Egypt, Chowdhury in 2011 returned to the PwC fold as a partner in India, leading the firm’s national TMT segment for the next four years. Following a one-year sabbatical and a stint advising the Myanmar government on telecoms strategy, Chowdhury would then lead PwC’s TMT business for Southeast Asia and ANZ from Jakarta, before crossing with the firm to Melbourne in 2017.

After most recently serving both Strategy& and PwC as a partner focused on TMT and the digital economy, Chowdhury last month retired from the partnership.

“I am deeply grateful to my friends and colleagues at PwC [and Strategy&] for many years of collegiate friendship, through my first innings in the UK and US, and second innings in India, Indonesia and Australia, and running our TMT practice in several parts of the world. The partners who trained me years ago put in place the fundamentals for my professional career.”

Now, Chowdhury will leverage his track record to offer a range of services centred around three key areas: digital economy strategy, go-to-market for emerging technologies and digital-driven innovation, and scaling impact.

One motivation for establishing his own firm, he said, was the desire to support the deployment of digital infrastructure in a way that would ensure no one gets left behind. “I work in this sector because I care about opportunity, equality and inclusion.”