KPT Restructuring opens for business in Sydney

09 January 2024 2 min. read
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KPT Restructuring, a new national restructuring and business advisory has entered the market, established in Sydney by Ozem Kassem, Jonathon Parker and Jason Tang.

A trio of Cor Cordis partners – Ozem Kassem, Jonathon Parker, and Jason Tang – have broken away to launch their own consultancy KPT Restructuring, which will provide distressed businesses with restructuring, advisory and insolvency services.

The new firm has been set up in Sydney with a further team of around 15 staff who have followed from Cor Cordis.

KPT Restructuring opens for business in Sydney

The three KPT partners have amassed over six decades worth of combined industry experience, both Kassam and Tang spending the majority of their careers at Cor Cordis – Kassem from its 2006 inception, with Tang joining four years later from Hall Chadwick. Parker meanwhile crossed to the firm in 2020 after more than a decade at Deloitte, before which he spent time at Grant Thornton and Rothmans in the UK and Bentleys in Sydney.

“KPT represents the culmination of our shared experiences and our belief in a more holistic approach to insolvency,” Parker stated. “We’ve witnessed the challenges businesses face first hand. KPT Restructuring is our answer to those challenges – a firm that not only solves problems but also transforms them into opportunities for success.”

KPT Restructuring says that its slate of service offerings have been carefully designed to support businesses through the various stages of adversity they might find themselves in, centred around restructuring, with the aim of revitalising struggling companies; advisory, to provide strategic financial insights; and corporate insolvency, to navigate complex legal and financial landscapes with a focus on preserving value and relationships.

“With the launch of KPT Restructuring, we’re bringing a new ethos to the insolvency practice. It’s about combining our strong track record with a fresh perspective that prioritises sustainable recovery and strategic growth,” said Tang. “We’re not just about numbers; we’re about people, and we’re committed to guiding businesses back to stability with dignity and respect.”

The trio will be supported by an initial team of around fifteen insolvency practitioners, including directors Radek Kolman and Nicholas Lavan – the former who was also with Cor Cordis from the start and the latter who had spent the best part of a decade.

The breakaway group follow the earlier departure of four partners to Olvera, and more recently founding partner and former chairman Bruno Secatore who has launched his own eponymous restructuring advisory firm.

A one-time partner at Deloitte, Secatore has racked up more than forty years in the accounting and advisory game dating back to before Arthur Andersen in the early 1980s, including close to a decade at AHG Clark & Co. prior to establishing Cor Cordis. Based in Melbourne, Secatore Advisory will likewise offer restructuring & turnaround, advisory, and insolvency services.