Potenture turns business and organisational transformation on its head. Change is not a series of discrete interventions that sap energy from an organisation and its people making them feel change fatigued.

Potenture's methodology looks at an organisation holistically, identifying ways to align people and business architecture, unlock dormant energy, as well as inject new thinking and energy into the system.

We begin with research proven methods that we know solve complex problems, then take a fresh approach, designing bespoke solutions to introduce energy, variety and fun.

What we do

Business Strategy & Improvement
Bold plans, big ideas and clear choices. We dig, design and do what’s needed to shape intent, bring coherence, build energy and realise outcomes.

Change & Transformation
Our specialty. As is, to be and beyond. BOLD transformation is our unique edge. Exclusive, disruptive and tested under pressure.

High Performance
It’s fun, it gets results and it’s win win all round. It’s also unique. We know how to craft what it is and how to achieve it for real and sustained satisfaction, advantage and engagement.

You can’t do anything without it. Not having enough will limit what’s possible. Creating it can be complex, but we know how.

People Technology
We love to play, to create and to systematise success. By packaging our expertise in all things organisational and social psychology we bring results faster, more predictably and at scale.