Deloitte and IoTium team up in the Australian market

19 November 2019 3 min. read
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Deloitte Australia has boosted its Internet of Things (IoT) offering through a new partnership with California-based software and network infrastructure development firm IoTium. The pair will focus on supporting Australian clients with developing secure IoT infrastructure to enable digital transformations.

IoTium’s contribution comes in the form of its software and network product portfolio, which enables the secure connection of IoT machinery and automated equipment to applications that are housed in the cloud or data centres. The software has the potential to be applied at a large scale.

Deloitte Australia, meanwhile, will leverage its weight in Australia’s digital services market to ensure that IoTium reaches its full potential in terms of market penetration. The Big Four accounting and advisory firm, which has booked double-digit growth figures consistently for the last half-decade, has focused much of its energy on developing its digital capacity in recent years.

The partnership follows from Deloitte’s acquisition of automation solutions firm The Eclair Group last month, which is one of many digital acquisitions the firm has made through this year. Leveraging this strong digital profile and the technical expertise provided by IoTium, the firm will look to ramp up its presence in Australia’s IoT market.

Deloitte and IoTium team up in the Australian market

Businesses in the country are increasingly recognising the potential that digital advancements such as IoT, artificial intelligence (AI), automation and others hold for their operations, creating a substantial market for the new partnership.

According to Lani Refiti, Deloitte’s Cyber Risk Advisory Partner & Smart Cities Leader, the combination of the two firms’ expertise offers a unique value proposition for clients. “By working with ioTium, we will be able to bring tangible outcomes to assist the organisations we are working within the region ramp to up their digitisation processes in a secure, scalable and effective operational technology environment. It will assist them to make digital transformation real.”

The pair plans to provide real-time data analytical solutions in combination with IoTium’s secure cloud-based remote monitoring network, allowing businesses to digitalise and increasing portion of their industrial operations. The security guaranteed by IoTium also speaks to the growing concerns around cybersecurity among Australian businesses.

Ron Victor, CEO of IoTium said, “By working with Deloitte Australia, we will be able to integrate both our companies' strengths to deliver a secure and complete solution for industrial IoT. From strategic design to technology implementation to providing end-to-end service, our collaboration leverages the best from both parties to help industrial enterprises achieve their digital transformation goals.”