Supply chain consultancy TMX partners with Fukuda and Partners

07 June 2021 2 min. read
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Melbourne-headquartered business transformation consultancy TMX and Fukuda and Partners – a Tokyo-based construction and real estate company – have joined forces through a new strategic partnership to help clients navigate pandemic-induced market changes.

The product of a September 2020 merger between Australian supply chain consultancies TM Insight and XAct Solutions: TMX is an end-to-end provider of services in supply chain design, property procurement, project management and business consulting – among a host of other services – with a strong, pan-APAC presence.

Fukuda and Partners helps Japanese businesses with a range of construction services spanning building inspection, design and supervision, asset enhancement, among others. The firm recently worked on a successful project with TMX, which encouraged the pair to consider long-term collaboration. 

Supply chain consultancy TMX partners with Fukuda and Partners

“We previously worked with them on a supply chain network in Australia for a major Japanese fashion retailer,” explained TMX CEO Travis Erridge. “Together we brought local expertise and understanding to various parts of the project and created a seamless process for the client.”

“We want to continue this cross-region localised service for our shared clients across Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia,” he added – signaling the wide scope of the new partnership. TMX will win a large, Japanese client base from the deal, while Fukuda and Partners will benefit from the former’s scale across APAC.

Per a TMX statement, the partnership aims to support supply chain transformation sunderway in APAC and across the world – after the pandemic exposed vulnerabilities to current operating models. Reorganising supply chains is a complex task that requires logistical expertise and knowledge of local real estate markets – both of which combine in the new proposition. 

“Logistics is the lifeline connecting people in daily life, so we believe that the outcome of this partnership will contribute to building sustainable development in our society,” noted Fukuda and Partners president and CEO Kotaro Fukuda.

TMX will help Fukuda and Partners’ Japanese clients expand beyond the domestic market to find key regional opportunities, while TMX’s APAC-wide network will gain in-depth knowledge of Japanese property markets. “TMX and Fukuda are both very focused on logistics related construction and real estate services, so we believe that we can create constructive collaboration for mutual benefit,” added Fukuda.

Helping things along is a cultural synergy between the two firms – as acknowledged by Erridge. “Our two firms are complementary in company values. We are both committed to providing the best outcomes for our clients and trusted to deliver an integrated world class solution. This will be further strengthened through this partnership.”