Former Capgemini boss Paul Thorley joins Enov8 as board advisor

16 September 2021 2 min. read
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Paul Thorley, the former Asia Pacific Chief Executive Officer of Capgemini, has been named Chief Board Advisor at Enov8. 

Founded in 2013 (as a spin-off from TL Consulting Group), Enov8 specialises in helping companies internationally streamline and optimise their IT test management processes. Using Enov8’s systems and tools, clients can centrally govern their applications across the software development life cycle, from build and roll-out to new releases and other deployments, as well as compliance management.

“We offer a full suite of platforms that are easily deployed and integrated across the company environment to manage their enterprise release cycle, data compliance processes and create control and visibility of IT and Test environments,” explained Niall Crawford, the founder of Enov8 and Chief Technology Officer.

Paul Thorley, Chief Board Advisor, Enov8

As the firm gears up for the next stage of its international growth, Enov8 has brought in Paul Thorley as an advisor on growth strategy. Leveraging his experience in consulting and beyond, including serving for ten years as CEO of Capgemini across Australia and Asia Pacific, Thorley has been tasked with developing inroads for further international expansion. 

“Now is the perfect time to have someone of Paul’s expertise and pedigree in our team. His strategic mindset, ability to challenge our thinking and guide our growth plans will be instrumental in our success over the next few years,” Crawford said. 

Thorley: “I’ve been working with the team at Enov8 for a number of years across various partnerships, including my time at Capgemini. Enov8 is an intelligent organisation with a focus on innovation. Their software is world class and boasts some incredible customers based off organic growth.” 

“What’s exciting about Enov8 is the serious business problem that it solves inside IT departments all over the world. The business problem is that IT and test environments are often the root cause of any major cyber-attack, system failure, project delay or budget blow-out. Most IT and business leaders are not aware of this because it’s often hidden in the shadowy depths of the IT back-room.” 

Thorley holds the role alongside other Chair positions with Innovo and the University of Technology Sydney. 

Meanwhile, Capgemini in Australia is currently led by Kaylene O'Brien, who in March this year took over from fellow ex-Deloitte partner Olaf Pietschner, who now oversees the Asia Pacific region.