Inventium announce strategic partnership with Huron affiliate Innosight

19 September 2018 4 min. read

Australian innovation consultancy Inventium has signed a strategic partnership with Massachusetts-based strategy firm Innosight. The two will leverage the partnership to collaborate between their respective locales, extend both firms’ reach and impact and deliver services to client organisations through complimentary capabilities.

Inventium is a boutique innovation, strategy and management consultancy led by Amantha Imber. The consulting firm has worked with over 100,000 people around Australia and Asia Pacific to better innovate through a method derived from psychology (Imber’s formal training was in organisational psychology at Monash University), neuroscience and management science.

The Sydney-headquartered firm uses the intersection between these three schools to help organisations unlock creativity and grow through innovation. They are self-professed ‘science geeks’ who apply the latest scientific findings to “help organisations gain a competitive edge,” according to the firm. 

The firm offers services like building innovation capability, creating an innovative culture and shaping sustainability innovation in organisations. Innovation and corporate liberation is one of the fastest growing trends in the modern era, and Inventium have positioned themselves as leaders in the field. 

Imber said, “The team at Inventium is very excited to be collaborating with Innosight and bringing their work to Australia, as well as continuing to grow Inventium’s presence overseas. Innosight are the world leaders in helping organisations navigate disruption and uncover new growth opportunities, which will dramatically help many Australian businesses that we work with.”

“We are also particularly looking forward to working together to develop new IPs and ways to help our clients, and bringing our respective evidence-based views to challenges that our clients are facing,” said the firm’s founder and CEO. 

Their partnership with Innosight will give Inventium the opportunity to expand their services beyond Australia, as the U.S. firm has offices in Singapore, Switzerland and Massachusetts. Innosight is part of Huron Consulting Group’s network – global professional services firm headed in San Francisco – which extends through Canada, India and the U.K. as well.

Inventium announce strategic partnership with Huron affiliate Innosight

Scott Anthony, the managing director of Innosight Asia-Pacific said, “Innosight’s work in Australia over the last few years convinces us that we have a unique opportunity to help Australian leaders navigate disruptive change. There is a window for Australia’s great companies to deflect disruptive threats and seize emerging growth, if they act with urgency.” 

Innosight are known for their rigorous methodologies and frameworks, including their future-back growth strategy and dual transformation strategy. The two firms’ scientific approach to consulting is arguably what is drawing them together and will also aid them in their collaborative approach to developing new lines of intellectual property.

“We are excited about this partnership and look forward to collaborating with Inventium to advance our common aims. Australia is an important management consulting hub, and the partnership will open up new opportunities to serve and create lasting impact for client organisations there,” said Patrick Viguerie, the managing partner of Innosight.

Viguerie continued, “Inventium’s expertise and passion for an innovation culture and benchmarking is a powerful complement to Innosight’s leadership in growth strategy, transformation, and business model innovation.”

Inventium also practice what they preach. The type of business model innovation which Viguerie is talking about can be seen in the consultancy’s innovative approach to holiday leave. By giving her staff the freedom to take unlimited paid leave, Imber has cut down the amount of sick days which the firm takes to almost nothing. The scheme came into place two years ago and is emblematic of the firm’s highly regarded workplace culture.