Versent partners with Databricks to bolster its data offering

20 March 2022 2 min. read
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AWS technology transformation partner Versent has agreed a partnership with Databricks.

Under the partnership, Versent becomes a vetted implementation partner of Databricks in Australia, deepening its data science and data-driven offerings.

Founded in 2013 in the US, Databricks is a provider of solutions for data warehouses and data lakes. Its lakehouse platform enables organisations to optimise data engineering, backed by a platform that integrates data science, machine learning, and business analytics capabilities.

Versent partners with Databricks to bolster its data offering

In last year’s ‘Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms’ magic quadrant by Gartner, Databricks was named as one of the globe’s leading providers.

For Damian Coyne, General Manager of Growth at Versent, strong local market demand for data science services coupled with Databricks’ leading position in the market meant that partnering with the US firm was a logical decision.

“The innovation that Databricks has created by bringing the best of data warehousing, machine learning and data engineering into a single platform is a game-changer and will allow our customers to focus on innovation and data-driven business decisions faster than they could have ever imagined.”

“If Covid-19 has taught us anything it’s that our customers need to make better use of SaaS technologies that reduce dependencies on manually engineering data solutions that create complexity and duplicate cost and operational overhead.”

“With full integration with AWS [Versent specialises in AWS technology], Databricks is simplifying data accessibility helping organisations achieve actionable and higher quality insights, a more streamlined and integrated data architecture to deliver compelling total cost benefits for data science teams.”

Speaking about the partnership, Partner Data and Advisory at Versent David Hanus said, “Data platforms are central to the success of the modern enterprise. Gone are the days of the fragmented stand-alone data environments and monolithic data warehouses. By bringing together our expertise with the power of Databricks’ lakehouse platform, we can help our customers turn insight into outcomes faster.”