Deloitte Digital buys New Zealand-based consultancy CloudinIT

14 January 2019

Deloitte has acquired CloudinIT, a New Zealand-based IT consultancy specialised in Salesforce and Amazon cloud services. Effective 1 February 2019, around 25 employees will be integrated into the Big Four firm’s Auckland operation.

“This is the latest in a series of moves in the digital space over recent years that, taken together, make Deloitte one of the largest digital advisory firms in New Zealand,” said Thomas Pippos, who leads Deloitte in New Zealand. The acquisition comes seven months after closing the buyout of Wellington-based Amazon cloud specialists API Talent, an shortly after Deloitte launched its Deloitte Digital wing in the country. 

Meanwhile in Australia, Deloitte last year bought IT consulting firm Mexia, Brisbane-based Amazon cloud specialist CloudTrek and Australian data science consultancy Connected Analytics, which added some 30 professionals to the firm’s Advisory practice. 

“Clients have increasingly told us that some of their biggest challenges are getting the basics of digital right, and this includes having a single view of their customers,” said Pippos, adding “The Salesforce capability that the CloudinIT team brings to Deloitte Digital gives us even more expertise to support clients in these efforts.”

Deloitte Digital buys New Zealand’s CloudinIT

Founded in 2015, CloudinIT is an IT consulting firm that helps customers implement Salesforce and Amazon Web Services systems. The firm provides consultancy services, implementation support and technology execution, including the development of applications and plugins. “By joining forces with Deloitte, we can help even more organisations adopt cloud technologies and put their customers at the heart of their digital agendas,” commented Raymond Yong, who co-founded the company with business partner Jacob Taljaard and Ben Edwards. All three leaders will become partners at Deloitte following closing, and their team will join Deloitte Digital in Auckland.

Young added that key in the firm’s decision to join forces with the Big Four player is the promise that CloudinIT will be able to retain the best of its DNA. “The knowledge pool, client base, development and growth opportunities are immense, but we get to maintain our own culture and applauded client service model with Ben, Jacob and myself remaining at the helm of the business.”

“We now have an incredible opportunity to fast track our goals to become New Zealand’s leading Amazon cloud and Salesforce implementation partner for brands seeking transformative digital success.” 

The soon to become Deloitte partner further highlighted the shared vision on digital transformation between CloudinIT and Deloitte Digital. “We both believe digital transformation is a catalyst for changing traditional business, using modern solutions to solve conventional problems with the needs of customers front and centre. Success lies in a commitment to deep change that is collaborative, cross-functional, embraced as part of the organisation’s culture and embedded in business planning.”

Deloitte Digital launched in Australia several years ago, and has been using its studios in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and Canberra to serve the Oceania region. Among the customers the firm serves in New Zealand are 2degrees, ASB, BNZ, Chorus, Tower, Farmlands, Wellington Water and the Inland Revenue. Globally, Deloitte’s creative and digital design agency has a presence in seventeen counties.


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Deloitte bolsters digital capabilities with The Terrace Initiative

19 April 2019

Global professional service firm Deloitte has bolstered its capabilities in the cloud computing domain through the acquisition of management consultancy The Terrace Initiative, which is based in Perth. The acquisition gives Deloitte access to Alchymy, which is a insight-driven digital portal. 

The Terrace Initiative was established in 2013 as a management consultancy, offering a wide range of services including organisational change management, project management, risk management and business analysis. The firm is based in Perth, with an additional office in Sydney.

The firm offers support with digital transformation and is adept at dealing with services in the Industry 4.0 domain, making it an enticing prospect for Big Four accounting and advisory firm Deloitte. Specifically, Deloitte is aiming to acquire capabilities in Alchymy, which is an insight-enabled change management platform.

Alchymy was devised to cope with the high-speed environment that is characteristic of the contemporary business environment. The firm is hosted in the digital domain, and delivers data-driven insights that are computed in real time on a singular dashboard for organisations.

Deloitte bolsters digital capabilities with The Terrace Initiative

Leaders have an overview of the progress being made in different areas of their organisation, with simultaneous identification of any barriers being faced in any domain. Alchymyst offers visual representation, which enables the quick deciphering of progress and issues, allowing for speedy action. 

The platform will significantly enhance Deloitte’s capabilities. Conditions of the transaction dictate that the joint CEOs at The Terrace Initiative – Melissa Bell and Corrie Scheepers – will join Deloitte at a Partner level, and will lead a new change management division. All roughly 50 The Terrace Initiative employees will also join the big four accounting and consulting giant.

The acquisition comes amid a period of expansion for Deloitte Australia. Since the start of this year, the firm has made a foray into the New Zealand market with its digital vertical, in addition to the acquisition of risk consultancy Converging Data Australia.

Managing Partner of Consulting at Deloitte, Kaylene O’Brien, said of the acquisition, “The digital age is driving organisational change at an unprecedented rate. Managing the human aspects of these changes is incredibly complex and generates large amounts of data that has traditionally been hard to capture and interpret.”

David Brown, Leader of Human Capital at Deloitte added, “The world of work is rapidly changing. The future of work, workers and the workplace are all being disrupted by technology, in a myriad of ways. Successful change initiatives and inspired cultures rely on agile, flexible and innovative leaders, and the effective use of data will become increasingly important.”