New Deloitte practice to promote climate technology ecosystems

23 January 2023 2 min. read
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As businesses around the globe track a path to net-zero, professional services firm Deloitte has launched a new practice to help them connect with innovators and experts in the green tech space.

The Big Four giant has launched a new global carbon reduction offering which aims to connect business clients with an ecosystem of climate technology innovators.

Dubbed ‘GreenSpace Tech by Deloitte’ and nine months in the making, the new practice will be led by Deloitte Australia partner Andrea Culligan, and follows the launch of the firm’s $1 billion integrated Global Sustainability & Climate practice last year.

New Deloitte practice to promote climate technology ecosystems

Describing itself as a global orchestrator, GreenSpace Tech will along with Deloitte’s own expertise bring together a diverse range of start-ups, research hubs, universities and incubators working in the climate tech space, to better foster the commercialisation of emerging solutions at speed and scale. This, the firm says, will both support businesses in their decarbonisation efforts while also creating a sustainable competitive advantage.

“Whether an organisation is looking to address electrification, sustainable aviation fuel, carbon capture, sustainable agriculture or any number of other sustainability challenges, GreenSpace Tech is changing the game – it is uniquely positioned to develop new ecosystems and connect clients with the knowledge and solutions they need to achieve their net zero goals quickly and effectively,” said Culligan, who is a partner in Deloitte’s Sydney office.

She continued: “I’ve also witnessed first-hand how difficult it can be for startups to scale their technologies within large enterprises. GreenSpace Tech will allow organisations to pinpoint the top climate technologies globally and work with innovators to deploy them at scale, thereby enabling businesses to fast track their decarbonisation agenda by selecting and investing in the right technologies to drive and scale impact.”

In launching the new practice, Deloitte cites Silicon Valley Bank in its assessment that today’s climate technologies are well-placed to achieve scale within the next ten years. Meanwhile, the International Energy Agency has determined that almost half of the emission reductions required to meet 2050 net-zero targets will stem from technology as yet fully developed, demonstrating the necessity of investing in and quickly scaling solutions.

“Collaboration is crucial to successfully unlocking the potential of a decarbonised society,” said Jennifer Steinmann, who was appointed as Deloitte’s first Global Sustainability & Climate leader last year. “GreenSpace Tech allows clients across sectors to swiftly tap into the existing sustainability ecosystem to find leading technology partners and supports organizations in scaling these solutions to help achieve their sustainability goals.”