Pacific Aerospace Consulting partners with US drone tech provider

07 March 2023 2 min. read

Pacific Aerospace Consulting has agreed a partnership with Pierce Aerospace, with the aim of flying in the firm’s drone technology into the Australia and New Zealand market.

US-based Pierce Aerospace helps government, defense and private sector clients with software that enables Remote ID – an identifying digital signal that drones are required to broadcast while in flight (acting as a ‘digital license plate’ for drones).

Remote ID ensures that information about drones in flight, such as the identity, location, and altitude, are passed on to the control station – and if needed, to law enforcement and other federal agencies when a drone appears to be flying in an unsafe manner or where it is not allowed to fly.

Pacific Aerospace Consulting partners with US drone tech provider

In the US, the FAA will require most drones operating in its airspace to have Remote ID capability by the end of this 2023. In Australia, similar regulation has not (yet) been passed, however, in anticipation of such regulation and growing demand for the technology, Pacific Aerospace Consulting and Pierce Aerospace have now teamed up.

“Our partnership aims to deploy, integrate, and advance unmanned aerial system (UAS) Remote ID technology in Australia and New Zealand,” said Lee de Winton, Australia CEO at Pacific Aerospace Consulting. “The collaboration will also focus on business opportunities such as systems integration, engineering and scientific support, installation support services, and fielding of Pierce Aerospace technologies in the region.”

“We are looking forward to bringing awareness and maturity of drone Remote ID technologies to the Australia and New Zealand market.”

Aaron Pierce, the CEO of Pierce Aerospace, said that the firm was delighted to strike a deal with a “trustworthy and valuable partner” such as Pacific Aerospace Consulting.

“Pacific Aerospace Consulting has the right capabilities and, most importantly, the right team to deliver innovation, especially as our defence work expands. They’re a great partner to bring our dual-use Remote ID technology into Australia and New Zealand.”

Based in Indiana, Pierce Aerospace is backed and funded by among others the US Air Force.