Salesforce Einstein practice of Growthops spins-off as Lightfold

30 January 2020 2 min. read
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A year after establishing the business, technology consultancy Growthops has spun-off its Salesforce Einstein practice as a standalone business entity. 

Branded as Lightfold, the new company aims to leverage its independent status to accelerate its growth. Under the wings of Growthops, a publicly-listed consulting firm formed three years ago by the merger of eight IT consultancies, Lightfold laid the foundation for its service portfolio, client base and own operations. 

“Being part of a culture that truly embraces entrepreneurship and innovation gave us the space and flexibility to deepen and expand our capabilities, deliver great work for our clients, and to change the conversation from deploying an app to adopting a platform,” said John Cosgrove, appointed chief executive of Lightfold. 

Cosgrove was one of the founding members of the team at Growthops, when he and several other members of Accenture’s Salesforce team left the consulting giant to join Growthops, at the time trading as Trimantium GrowthOps.

Salesforce Einstein practice of Growthops spins-off as Lightfold

Now, Cosgrove and his team have set their sights on capitalising on the booming demand for Salesforce services. With users across all corners of the globe, Salesforce is one of the leading solutions for marketing, sales, service and commerce, providing users with a 360 degrees customer view and a suite of tools of business development, marketing automation and customer service.

Salesforce Einstein is the firm’s latest add-on which injects artificial intelligence and data analytics insights into its traditional customer relationship management platform. Both existing Salesforce customers as well as new organisations are adopting Salesforce Einstein to beef up their sales & marketing maturity, amid a growingly competitive and demanding customer environment.

“Demand for Einstein is growing across every level of business, including small and medium businesses, as well as enterprise,” remarked Cosgrove. He added, “With a dedicated brand and direct market engagement, Lightfold can unleash the full power of Einstein working alongside the trailblazing community of businesses who adopt Salesforce.”

Following the spin-off, Lightfold will continue to work closely with GrowthOps and service the consulting firm’s clients, as it has done for the duration of its incubation period. Growthops CEO Clint Cooper: “Our clients will continue to benefit from Lightfold’s thought leadership, both from a Salesforce implementation perspective, as well as from an advisory and strategy perspective.”