Trimantium GrowthOps snags entire Accenture Salesforce team

02 October 2018 3 min. read

Accenture has lost its Salesforce Einstein team of four globally-renowned experts to the newly formed Trimantium GrowthOps. The move deals a large blow to Accenture Australia, with which GrowthOps’ history is intrinsically entwined. 

Trimantium GrowthOps was formed in 2017 with the merger of eight separate IT advisory and consulting firms to form one super-consultancy. The firm listed on the Australian Stock Exchange earlier this year, for an initial public offering of $70 million, and is currently listed for $143 million. As of June 2018, GrowthOps has been headed by Paul Mansfield – a long time acquaintance of Accenture who built and oversaw the transition of Cloud Sherpas, Accenture’s largest acquisition at the time.  

Mansfield, a serial entrepreneur who has built and exited multiple tech companies over the past 20 years, lured the Salesforce Einstein team across from the global firm. The team itself was a core function of Cloud Sherpas when it was under Mansfield’s control and have acted under Accenture since the 2015 acquisition. 

John Cosgrove, the Salesforce Einstein manager, will lead the team through the transition, accompanied by discovery and creative lead Kylie Long, technical lead Robert Houston and functional and governance lead Robert Rymer. Long, Houston and Rymer will retain their existing roles coming into GrowthOps.

Trimantium GrowthOps snags entire Accenture Salesforce team

“John, Robert, Kylie and Robert are global leaders in their field. They’re a crack team, with a strong entrepreneurial mindset, that’s a great fit for GrowthOps and our clients,” Trimantium managing director Phillip Kingston said.

Cosgrove will join the firm as a partner taking charge of Salesforce Einstein Analytics. “The Salesforce Einstein Analytics platform, combined with AI, is transforming customer experience. By harnessing the power of AI and Einstein, the team is embedding predictions and recommendations directly into the interfaces used by sales, service and marketing teams every single day,” said Kingston.

“The confluence of big data technology, cloud application layers, mobility, and an increasing need to compete on the quality of human connections created the opportunity to launch a new way of designing customer relationship management systems. Einstein can put meaningful data in the hands of every employee so it’s a seamless part of their daily work lives,” Cosgrove said.

“Regardless of size, we want to work with companies who truly embrace entrepreneurship and innovation to drive growth, which is exactly what GrowthOps was created to do. We want to work alongside these companies to make their vision a reality in the fastest way possible.”

Trimantium GrowthOps operate as a management and technology consulting firm with a digital mindset. In August, the firm announced that it had exceeded its full year’s prospectus earnings forecast by 10%, and has since been on a talent appointing spree. GrowthOps recently brought in enterprise technology veteran Grant Thomson as group director for sales. 

“Grant brings extensive enterprise experience to the company. He is also an entrepreneur at heart, having co-founded numerous startups, in addition to mentoring and advising many others across the technology industry,” Paul Mansfield said. “Grant is solution-focused, not product-focused, with a strong track record of helping clients identify where they actually need help, and then successfully implementing those plans, which makes him a strong cultural fit for GrowthOps.”

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