Trimantium GrowthOps drops ‘Trimantium’, now simply GrowthOps

28 November 2018 3 min. read

Australia’s newest consulting firm has simplified its brand and will now be known as GrowthOps. The name reflects the multidimensional service offerings known by the firm as ‘growth consulting’ and the new brand reflects their cross-disciplinary approach.

In a world where brevity rules and attention spans continue contracting, brands must be memorable. People today want their information fast and readers have less patience for long brand names. The consulting industry was once notorious for its long brand names which traditionally stemmed from multiple surnames side-by-side.

Whilst Trimantium GrowthOps has only been in existence for just under two years now, many in the industry have already foregone the ‘trimantium’ part. “Everyone internally and externally was shortening the name anyway, so we decided to embrace that,” explained GrowthOps Chief Executive Officer, Paul Mansfield.

Dropping the Trimantium is intended to help add clarity for the consulting firm’s clients across Australia and Asia. “After all, GrowthOps focuses on what we deliver for our clients – creating growth, scaling operations, and realising opportunities,” he continued.

“Trimantium is an important part of our heritage and listing story but our sole mission now is to help our clients grow,” Mansfield said. “To do that, we’re intentionally creating a new category in professional services and have coined it, ‘growth services.”

Growth services is a blend of multiple different service lines. As technology becomes more prevalent in the consulting industry, many firms are attempting to incorporate management, strategy and digital under the same roof. There has also been a heavy focus on consulting firms buying up marketing and communications agencies in the race to be louder, more creative and more tech orientated than their competitors.

Trimantium GrowthOps drops ‘Trimantium’, now simply GrowthOps

However these lines are often – against the industry’s own guidelines – kept in silos, at times failing to integrate. Whilst many consulting firms argue that one key to growth is to break down silos, their advice isn’t put in practice at home. For GrowthOps however, as a new market entry and amalgamation of multiple tech-focused and innovative consultancies, integration isn’t necessary, this kind of cross-discipline approach is already in the firm’s DNA.

“[Our services] span the traditional technology, marketing communications, and consulting industries, fusing these disciplines to help large organisations acquire and retain new customers, build and launch transformational products, and scale operations,” Mansfield continues. “Five of the original eight businesses that came together to form the company earlier this year have already re-branded to GrowthOps.”

Asia Pacific Digital, which was acquired by GrowthOps in September, is currently transitioning to the new brand and plans are also progressing for the remaining businesses to rebrand. “It has always been our intention to move to a single brand and I’m very happy with how the team is realising this ambition, particularly with the level of coordination across our nine key hubs in six countries,” Mansfield added.

GrowthOps’ new visual identity is inspired by collegiate brands and was conceived in-house. “The best of them, like Stanford or MIT, unite leading talent across diverse fields through a shared commitment to excellence,” said GrowthOps CMO, Andy Fyffe. “That cross-discipline approach and team spirit resonates strongly with us.”

“The new word mark is deliberately more hand-crafted and less techy to reflect the broad scope of our services from brand to marketing, leadership, change, technology, and operations. It’s designed to express our energy and confidence,” he continued. “The style of logo is deliberately somewhat unconventional for a consulting, technology or marketing agency brand because we’re none of those things. As Paul explained, we’re creating a new market category.”

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