Deloitte to train 4,000 consultants in Amazon cloud skills

13 May 2020 4 min. read

Deloitte Australia is set to equip 4,000 of its professionals with advanced cloud computing skills, looking to boost the quality of its digital offering. Training will be provided in partnership with Amazon Web Services.

The new cloud capability building initiative is being termed the Deloitte Cloud Guild, and has been in the works for some time now, according to Deloitte executives. The initiative aims to ensure that Deloitte’s technology consultants keep abreast with the ever-evolving skillset required in a digitalising environment.

To this end, consultants will be trained via workshops, hackathons and immersion sessions to ensure that they receive a holistic understanding of cloud technology. Amazon Web Services (AWS) will provide the framework for training, which will allow beginners to get acquainted with the technology, while those with existing skills provided the opportunity to deep-dive in certain cloud areas.

“Clients rely on us for our expertise, it is critical for our people to be up to speed with the latest technology and cloud is an enabling technology that underpins so many business transformations today. This is why we decided to team up with AWS and invest in this initiative,” explained Zack Levy, Deloitte Australia AWS Alliance lead.

Deloitte to train 4,000 consultants in Amazon cloud skills

Cloud technology is often used to make business operations more lean, efficient and secure. As a result, investing in cloud infrastructure is usually the first step in a digital transformation process, as it can facilitate a quicker transition for the rest of the business. Investing in cloud can cut costs, dramatically increase data storage capabilities, and consequently improve the agility and scalability of a business.

Businesses in Australia have recognised the value of cloud technology, and many have begun to take the leap and invest. Deloitte reported last year that the transition to cloud had generated productivity benefits of more than $9 billion across Australia. Many were enticed by this prospect.

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) also analysed Australia’s cloud market last year, and predicted that the current rate of adoption and investment could take the market to a value of $11 billion by 2023. Through the Deloitte Cloud Guild, the Big Four accounting and advisory firm is hoping that it can remain “a leader in technology transformation” stated Levy.

Levy added that the training programme has become all the more relevant under the current circumstances. “We know education provides confidence and in a rapidly changing, uncertain world, I think Covid-19 really brought it to the surface, we're improving the ability of our people to navigate with agility through the new world of work by learning future ready skills,” he said.

Deloitte is positioning itself ahead of the curve when it comes to remote working. Last year the firm established a virtual office, in order to facilitate remote working, either from home or from a client site. Now, with more than 95% of the firm’s staff working remotely, the virtual office appears to be paying off.

Nevertheless, Deloitte Australia is feeling the coronavirus bite. In April, the firm closed its door for a week and forced all employees to take leave. The accounting and consulting firm has also implemented a number of cost cutting measures.

Deloitte’s dedicated tech practice Deloitte Digital remains one of the bright spots. Deloitte has become a leading provider of digital solutions across Australia, among others on the back of an aggressive buy-and-build strategy. Last year alone, Deloitte made more than three acquisitions in the tech space, including the likes of The Terrace Initiative and robotics specialists The Eclair Group.