DTA doubles Deloitte Consulting's fees for GovDXP platform

26 May 2020 Consultancy.com.au 2 min. read
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The Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) has doubled the size of its contract with Deloitte Consulting for the development of a prototype for its new, social network-inspired myGov update. 

When the government agency tapped the consulting firm mid-March, DTA had reserved close to $10 million for the project which runs until mid-September. However, last week the agency amended the contract’s size to nearly $20 million, without releasing any information as to why the consulting bill has doubled.

Deloitte will now receive the precise amount of $19,482,168 to build a beta model of a new government digital “experience” platform to run alongside myGov. Earlier this year, the Digital Transformation Agency already paid the Big Four accounting and consulting firm around $1 million for the design and prototype of the new platform. 

The new platform, which is known as GovDXP, aims at providing Australians with a smoother and more cohesive digital service. More than 15 million people have a myGov account, and over 170,000 people on average use the platform each day. But inspired by the popularity of Facebook, Instagram and Netflix, the agency believes a more modern, user-centric platform could improve uptake and engagement. 

DTA doubles Deloitte Consulting's fees for GovDXP platform

On the rationale behind the development, DTA said that “large, customer service-focused companies have modernised and transformed their digital experience” in recent years, and as a result, “Australians expect a similar experience from the government.” 

GovDXP, which is a key pillar of the government’s Services Australia strategy, will initially operate alongside the existing myGov platform, and after a period of beta-launch and further development, it will replace the current myGov portal. Users use myGov for managing among others job search, taxation, child support and healthcare services. 

Deloitte Consulting is one of Australia’s leading technology consulting firms, delivered by its Deloitte Digital division. The firm also provides a range of corporate finance, strategy consulting (Monitor Deloitte) and business consulting services, alongside its heritage audit and accounting services. 

As part of the GovDXP program, DTA has also hired strategy consultancy McKinsey & Company to develop a business case for the new platform. Meanwhile, Australian law firm Maddocks will receive $100,000 to provide legal support to the GovDXP project.