ThinkPlace and Spatial Vision partner to blend design with geospatial

16 February 2021 3 min. read
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ThinkPlace has announced a strategic partnership with Spatial Vision – a Melbourne-based technology firm specialised in geospatial information. Spatial Vision’s dedicated IT brand Lapis is also part of the agreement.

A combination of location, physical trends, characteristics and even temporal information of any given phenomena or object: geospatial data provides information of unparalleled accuracy.

Canberra-based design and innovation consultancy ThinkPlace can now leverage these insights to boost its proposition – spanning strategy design, organisation design and project management, among several others. The new capabilities come via a memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed with Spatial Vision.

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Based in Melbourne, Spatial Vision is a team of tech experts that use spatial data, applications, geographical information systems and mapping services to solve myriad social, environmental and spatial problems – all within an ethically sound framework. The firm has its own digital brand called Lapis – specialised in cloud migrations and other digital transformation services. 

With the new agreement, ThinkPlace and Spatial Vision – including Lapis – can make joint bids for projects, feeding off each other’s wide range of expertise and clientele. “This agreement sets up both companies for an exciting period of future growth,” said John Body – founder and recently named chairman at ThinkPlace.

Per a statement, ThinkPlace positions geospatial information as a key building block of the future. “Geospatial information is the underpinning infrastructure for a wide range of societal challenges expressed in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, from renewable energy and smart transportation to accessible education and equitable society,” read a statement.

The latest partnership is one of many ways in which ThinkPlace is fine tuning its innovation capabilities. In November, the firm partnered with the EarlyBirds Marketplace – a tech innovation ecosystem with more than 1 million experts. “We are very careful about who we form partnerships with and I know that Spatial Vision has a similar mindset,” said Body.

Spatial Vision managing director Glenn Cockerton lauded ThinkPlace’s “human-centred design,” adding that it would be a neat complement to Spatial Vision’s software expertise. Like Body, he also noted the alignment of mindset between the pair.

“The two companies share many of the same values such as our focus on our customers, and the importance of teamwork, collaboration and transparency. We expect this partnership will be extremely effective for both companies as well as our clients,” said Cockerton.

Per the statement, the new partnership will kick-off with a focus on healthcare – owing to the current circumstances with Covid-19. The goal is to use digital tools for better internal mapping and way-finding during surgical procedures. Beyond this, geospatial information is vast in its potential to support a whole range of Federal Government agencies.