Digital transformation specialist Endava enters Australia

12 July 2021 2 min. read
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London-headquartered digital transformation consultancy Endava has landed in Australia with the opening of an office in Sydney – taking its physical presence to nine countries worldwide.

Endava was launched in 2000 as a technology specialist, and has since grown into a modern-day digital transformation consultancy with a service offering spanning digital strategy, digital operations, agile development, cloud migration, data analytics and several other IT-led lines of business.

A global footprint of more than 8,000 employees: the firm has teams present in Austria, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, the UK, the US and Singapore – topped off with delivery centres across Central and Eastern Europe and Latin America. Australia now joins this list.

Digital transformation specialist Endava enters Australia

“Whilst having supported clients in the region for some time, the opening of Endava’s Sydney office represents an important next step for the organisation and will enable closer collaboration with our clients to support them as they look at new ways of adopting digital,” explained Endava’s senior vice president for global delivery acceleration Matt Cloke. 

The new outfit will likely be well received. Reflecting global trends, digital transformation is positioned in Australia as the key to recovery from all that has impacted business over the last year – be it shifts to virtual working, changing consumer preferences, or the pressing need for efficiency and cost savings. 

Another key shift is a renewed focus on purpose, responsibility, and the human side of business. A people-focused digital transformation is touted as a sustainable one, and Endava’s proposition is designed around these principles.

“People are at the heart of everything we do. We exist to create an environment and culture that breeds success by caring for our customers as individuals and enabling our people to be the best that they can be,” explained Endava’s people operations team leader Andreea Parvu.

The firm’s global delivery director Steve Harding put this in a digital context: “Endava offers a combination of thought-leadership and creative approaches to our clients that support them in finding an energetic response to changing markets. Our global experience and technical capability will continue to help Australian businesses accelerate their digital journeys and embrace agile ways of working to innovate at scale.” 

Winning strategy

Armed with a cutting-edge proposition, the firm makes it a point to get close to clients worldwide – a strategy that seems to be working so far. Endava’s Q1 fiscal report from this year declared a quarterly revenue of more than £112 million – a staggering year on year increase of nearly 22%. Healthy profits and cash margins mean that the firm can continue its expansion strategy going forward.

“Providing close-to-client expertise, alongside our leading distributed agile delivery model, has proved to be a winning combination, and we are really excited about the road ahead,” concluded Cloke.