Anchoram Consulting partners with Indian cybersecurity specialist

12 August 2021 2 min. read

Canberra-based Anchoram Consulting has agreed a strategic partnership with HackDev Technology, an Indian company specialised in cybersecurity services, solutions and learning & development. 

The deal will see the two companies exchange knowledge, intellectual property and resources, and team up on joint engagements, in what leaders of both firms describe as a “match made in cyber-heaven”. 

For Anchoram Consulting, a security, technology and risk advisory consultancy, the partnership will enable it to tap into HackDev Technology’s pool of hundreds of security testers (delivered by the entity), to deliver a testing scale to its Australian clients. “It will give us a force-multiplier for our cloud-testing services capability,” said Anchoram Consulting Chief Executive Officer Glenn Ashe. 

Anchoram Consulting partners with Indian cybersecurity specialist

In return, HackDev Technology will be able to access Anchoram Consulting’s expertise in security, governance, information technology leadership, risk management and data & information, “which will add to both our consulting services for our corporate clients, and our education and training arm [Hackershala],” explained HackDev Technology Director and Co-Founder Rakshit Tandon. 

The collaboration comes at a time of surging cybersecurity threats worldwide, increasing seven-fold during pandemic-hit 2020 according to one estimate, with Australia and India no different to the global trend. As a result, companies are beefing up their cyber security frontiers, and turning to specialist consultants and technologists to support them through this journey.

For Harpreet (Harry) Cheema and Harman Khaira, respectively Chief Operating Officer and Chief Information Officer of Anchoram Consulting, the partnership with the New Delhi based group comes with an added dimension. Both leaders grew up and worked in India before settling in Australia, and played a driving role in establishing and closing the partnership. 

“We were inspired by the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership (CSP) announced by the prime ministers of Australia and India [Scott Morrison and Shri Narendra Modi] in June last year. Our partnership with HackDev Technology is about forging the cooperation and close economic relationship the CSP envisages, and contributes towards taking the India-Australia relationship to the next level,” commented Cheema and Khaira.