Anchora assists Western Sydney University in driving up enrolments

09 February 2023 3 min. read

Marketing technology consultancy, Anchora, has recently completed a campaign execution with Western Sydney University (Western) focused on delivering an enhanced digital experience for students commencing study with the university. 

In the highly competitive world of higher education, enrolment numbers are everything, and each year the nation’s universities compete to capture the pool of new students looking to take up courses.

With the aim of standing out in the digital realm, Sydney University engaged Anchora to assist with a multi-touchpoint campaign that included web, email, and SMS with a tight brief of improving the student experience of enrolling to study.

Anchora assists Western Sydney University in driving up enrolments

All universities and institutions across Australia, such as Western Sydney University, must implement a marketing campaign over a set period to encourage enrolments for each following year, and any competitive advantage they can gain in implementing this is highly sort after.

Anchora is an independent strategic marketing technology consultancy, specialising in implementing Adobe’s stack of solutions. The firm assists businesses with their technology solutions across a range of verticals including finance, education, automotive, travel, media, and education.

With Western Sydney University using the Adobe stack for its digital marketing, the assistance provided by Anchora involved leveraging Adobe Campaign Classic, Adobe Target, Adobe Audience Manager, and Adobe Analytics and more.

Anchora worked with the Western marketing team to set-up, validate, execute, and optimise a series of digital marketing campaigns, as well as by providing Western with an enablement tool, so that their marketing team could also execute campaigns independently.

“Anchora demonstrated it had the skills and approach to support Western as we optimised the experience further to improve performance. Our experience with Anchora has been positive and the benefits of the enhanced experience has been very pleasing,” said Damien Bellew, Executive Director of Marketing at Western Sydney University.

As well as adjusting, customising, and optimsing Western Sydney University’s marketing technology solutions, Anchora also helped to identify potential risks and technical issues and made the necessary adjustments to improve the quality of experience for the students interacting with the campaign.

The Melbourne-based consulting firm also offered best practice guidance and enablement on the enhancement of program success, and as a result, the enrolment experience was launched six weeks earlier than previous years.

“Six weeks early than expected is an excellent outcome. Modern tech-focused marketing through the likes of the Adobe stack and other such solutions is a highly specialised field and ensuring that it is working correctly for an organisation gives them an almost instant competitive advantage in their marketing,” said Anchora’s Chief Growth Officer, Nick Jia.

“As martech consultants, we look under the bonnet of massive digital campaigns that are run by the best martech solutions out there and make adjustments to ensure the organisation is getting the best outcome from the solutions they rely on. We look forward to continuing working with Western Sydney University and doing the same for them again next year,” he added.