Australian human capital consultancy Ignite Purpose expands abroad

27 April 2023 3 min. read
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Australian-headquartered leadership development and human capital consultancy Ignite Purpose has spread its wings beyond Australia to launch two new international outlets in Canada and the United Kingdom.

Now into its second decade of business, home-grown human capital consultancy Ignite Purpose is on the verge of expanding internationally, with both new offices to be officially launched in May.

According to founder and global CEO Christina Foxwell, the dual expansion is in response to strong demand for the firm’s leadership development and team training services as businesses adjust to a post-pandemic environment.

Australian human capital consultancy Ignite Purpose expands abroad

“Organisations across the world are struggling to reunite their workforces and work towards common goals and corporate values,” Foxwell stated. “They are trying to recover from the pandemic and find a way forward with people who are still working in a fragmented and hybrid manner. With macro pressures creating micro issues in workplaces and in homes, pressure and strain is rising and productivity is suffering.”

She continued; “People are the heartbeat of any organisation and it’s time to help them connect to themselves, rewire their thinking, and create a community in workplaces. People need coaching, support, and the clarity to be the solution. Covid restrictions created mental fatigue, stress, and a feeling of not being in control for many. Leaders need help to unite people in an unclear world and build agility to navigate complexities.”

The two new Ignite Purpose outlets will be overseen by managing directors Chrissy Cordingley and Paul Taljaard, respectively based in Winnipeg and Bristol. The pair bring a diverse background to the new endeavour, Cordingley with extensive health & safety training experience and Taljaard as a one-time Bank of Scotland sales employee. The firm is also actively looking for other new partners in different parts of the world.

“I believe our approach and the way we work will resonate with the Canadian people,” Cordingley said. “We know that Canada reports higher levels of daily stress, worry, sadness and anger according to the latest Gallup poll. Our work will help employees build purpose, meaning and communities in their workplace and support leaders and organisations in building cultures that deliver connection, passion and performance.”

Ignite Purpose said the new branches will focus on helping clients to address a number of key contemporary issues, such as employee retention and malaise, manager burnout, the optimisation of hybrid workplaces, and assisting businesses to create psychological safe workplaces.

Foxwell noted that the consulting firm is already fielding “many inquiries” in both countries, and cited a home-base temperament as one factor for the demand.

She concludes: “Australians are highly regarded for their work ethic and ability to relate on a very practical and genuine level. This type of authenticity is what is needed in organisations across the world as business leaders try to find ways of solving workplace issues. Through our work we are disrupting traditional ways of cultural transformation, achieving results through innovation and learning, shifting mindsets, and saving lives.”