NEC and D-Wave launch quantum consulting offering in Australia

19 February 2024 3 min. read

Overshadowed by the hype around GenAI, quantum computing has also long been predicted as a breakthrough technology. NEC and D-Wave have now launched a local quantum consulting service.

Global technology consultancy NEC is partnering with quantum computing specialist D-Wave to launch a new quantum consultancy offering in the Australian market, promising a speedier path to uncovering solutions to complex challenges through enhanced computational power.

Clients, including those in the private, public and academic sectors, will also now have the opportunity to gain access to D-Wave’s Leap real-time quantum cloud service.

NEC and D-Wave launch quantum consulting offering in Australia

“Quantum computing is no longer solely the subject of futuristic speculation or found only in top-secret research facilities; it’s a commercially available technology that is revolutionising business and government operations today,” stated Ayala Domani, NEC’s vice president of technology & innovation. “NEC is delighted to partner with D-Wave to provide transformative quantum solutions to ensure our customers in Australia remain agile, efficient, and competitive.”

With an ability to navigate increasingly large datasets and optimise business operations at a much faster clip than ‘traditional’ computers, NEC and D-Wave say their quantum technology services have the potential to unlock solutions and deliver cost and efficiency gains in a range of areas, including among other examples logistics and supply chain management, financial risk modelling, and the faster mobilisation of resources in emergency response.

A long-term backer of D-Wave (alongside Jeff Bezos among others), NEC notes its collaboration with the firm has already delivered tangible results for local government clients through successful proof-of-concepts and tailored applications over the past three years, including on a ‘last-mile resupply’ project for the Australian Department of Defence which was described at the time as NEC’s first quantum computing use-case developed outside of its headquarters in Japan.

Now, the partners are expanding their local market offering through the launch of a refined quantum consulting service, which will see NEC and D-Wave’s data scientists work directly with clients to develop and test quantum-based solutions for cost-effective and seamless implementation. Access to D-Wave’s Leap cloud service will meanwhile provide clients with the opportunity to conduct their own research while tapping into quantum computing’s cutting-edge capabilities.

“Quantum computing is at an important inflection point, moving from experimentation to operational use, capable of helping organisations solve their computationally complex problems through real-world applications at scale,” stated D-Wave’s VP of ‘technology evangelism’, Murray Thom. “We’re thrilled to team up with NEC to accelerate adoption of this transformative technology in Australia and bring its remarkable potential to bear for business and society.”