August Consulting

August Consulting is a leading procurement and supply chain consultancy providing diverse services throughout Australia.

We improve organisations’ business performance by assessing, analysing, designing and implementing customised, practical procurement and supply chain strategies and cost solutions.

We offer advisory services, data analysis and procurement solutions for diverse industries, including healthcare, aged care, education, oil and gas, and agriculture.

Introducing an analytical eye and commercial approach to procurement and supply chain processes, and offering new ways of working, enable us to deliver measurable value.

By focusing on high-level, strategic objectives and shorter term tactical requirements, our clients benefit from our pragmatic yet collaborative approach and receive easy-to-implement roadmaps and deliverables.

Our extensive procurement and supply chain knowledge within the public and private sectors enables us to optimise opportunities and costs for our clients.

Our procurement and supply chain solutions include:
• Opportunities & cost optimisation
• Strategic sourcing & market engagement
• Supply chain diagnostics & improvements
• Procurement & supply chain capability assessment & development support

To explore how we can help you optimise your procurement and supply chain objectives and operational costs, please contact our team.
Telephone: 1300 070 338

Our social, environmental and ethical commitments

We believe in sustainable supply chains and embody best practice both within our organisation and the clients we serve. We provide industry-leading advice on ethical supply chains in our effort to promote:

• Human rights
• Social inclusion
• Ethical sourcing & fair labour practices
• Diversity & equality
• Environmental progress
• Local sustainability
• Anti-corruption policies
• Workforce welfare

August Consulting recognises those whose ongoing effort to protect and promote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures will leave a lasting legacy for future Elders and leaders.

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