At Proximity, we bring together brilliant minds in consulting, legal and commercial to work in collaboration with our clients. Our multidisciplinary approach takes our clients further to make extraordinary and impactful solutions.

Our services extend to public and private sector clients with a focus on government and regulated industries.

We are a leading provider of integrated consulting, legal and commercial services to government and large organisations. 

We are based in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide, but we’re able to work wherever you are.

We collaborate with you to overcome challenges and achieve excellent outcomes. By creating an exceptional workplace culture, we equip our people with the confidence and knowledge to find the ‘right fit’ solution for your needs. 

Empowering people to do extraordinary work for the betterment of our community.

We advise on projects from start to finish. We are multidisciplinary and we offer the full suite of support.

We’re passionate about the work we achieve together. We’re known for breaking the mould and working with our clients to unveil what is possible. We achieve maximum impact for each project by customising our service delivery for each project’s needs.  

Our philosophy follows two simple ideas:  

  1. We recognise high performance teams are collaborative, generous and transparent so we cultivate an exceptional workplace culture.

  2. Through our culture we attract a team of highly accomplished professionals who enjoy their work and have the experience and autonomy to succeed.

This means we are a bold organisation, leading the market in service delivery, business management and staff engagement. 

The Proximity difference means: 

  • You won’t need to engage multiple providers on projects
  • You’ll have a customised service delivery experience
  • The team you work with will be handpicked to meet your project’s needs, with the right skills and the right size
  • You will experience efficient delivery, through industry best practice and innovative approaches
  • Integrity and traceability throughout the engagement
  • You can have complete confidence that the outcome is delivered, with value for money
  • As an Australian owned company, we are able to work wherever you are.

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